Monday, July 27, 2009

The Good Bad & The Ugly

I have to put the bad with the is only fair to the readers....and I just have to comment on this customer's situation and her dissatisfaction

First thing that every ready should know....I post it, I write about it, I talk about it...I DEMAND IT!!! If a canine is depositing fatty the majority of times, I can correlate it to a diet that is high in grains or a diet that is of low quality and high in bad Alpo...or some awful food like that.

Herbs are not magic bullets....IF lifestyle changes are not made...and I write about that extensively on the web page about Dissolve as well as send a full 3 page information packet....those lumps will come back...and the herbs will not have a chance.

In this case, the first thing that came into my mind is that the dog must be eating bad food. Sure enough, she informed me that her Dobie was eating ALPO.....that is the scourge of all dog foods...everyone knows that. It is a food that is cheap and of low quality...

How in the world can herbs...that are the same...fight against the root cause of what makes the fat lumps...BAD FOOD!

The customer says she has no control over what the dog is fed.....People.....the lumps are diet related. You must feed your dog a diet of good quality food...there are not short cuts...they are creatures like us.....who need good quality food...

How come we don't get it?

So let me repeat it again.....A good quality grains rice wheat or barley. Keep your dog trim. No low quality chap foods. A diet of home made food is the best followed by higher end brands of dog food that are made for dogs without grains!!!

Hello there,
Just a quick commentary as promised regarding the progress of our Doberman's ("Apollo") fatty lumps.
Some time last year I ordered the 'Dissolve' formula but we were afraid to try it because of the issues surrounding Chinese imports. Apollo developed a horrific gasping cough, presumably due to one fatty lump on his chest. He'd already had 2 surgeries to remove such lumps but they kept multiplying and we decided no more surgeries.
Out of desperation, we tried your Dissolve and Resolve formula. His lump went from 4" wide and 2" thick to about the size of a golf ball...and his gasping completely disappeared.
Upon completion of that bottle, we ordered more formula; only to find out that your company made it "new and improved". Only one problem, we are blowing through that stuff like water and not only has the chest lump stopped getting has grown - back to its original size. So not only have we spent 3x the money, but the formula doesn't work.
Needless to say, we are disappointed in the change and concerned for our precious dog's welfare. Looks like surgery will be the only option unless you reintroduce your old formula. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we are stopping his dosing immediately, as we cannot understand why the lumps are growing back, some even bigger than the onset.
Please let us know if you decide to bring back the old formula. It worked fabulously and we'd told so many people about it. Now we have no choice but to tell them the "new & improved" is a waste of money and time.
Patty A
and Apollo

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