Monday, December 19, 2011

Herbal Success For Eliminating Heartworms...YAY!!

A customer sent us this note: And Quiana is now wanting to use herbs for joint support. You have to love the results of Pawhealer Heartworm Support herbal formula!

I have been using your heartworm formula along with other things and my dog has received a negative heartworm test result! I am seeing she still needs some help. In the last 6 mos. she appears to have aged quite a bit and her joints are giving her more trouble (limps readily and seems to be in pain) I take her to a chiropractic / naturopathic vet who has given her adjustments and they don't tend to hold very long.. She does not have a real cough but very rarely (1x a week or so, she will have a slight strained breath .. not exactly a wheeze but as close as she gets to one). I think her teeth hurt her a bit, but the vet did not want to deal with her teeth while the heartworm was "UP". Suggestions based on what you offer? The vet gave her wei chi for a general support formula (might not be spelling it right) thanks so much! :) Quiana 

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