Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Has Your Dog Had Multiple Bladder Stone Surgeries? Say No More! Consider Chinese Herbals...

"I have a 10 lb Jack Russell Terrier and after going through two surgeries for bladder stones, finding out the problem was a liver shunt that was passing protein into the bladder. I found this product and it has been eight months. All of the tests have been done since have been clear. Highest recommendation for this product."

Many thanks to Ralph S. for sharing the story of Tugs dog's bladder stones and the results he experienced .

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Senior Dogs...Nothing Better than Herbs to Support the Heart.....

Thanks to Kimberly Fields: I love this testimonial. Who wouldn't? They are so warming to the heart...

"We have 2 beautiful 15 year old pups that we love very much. They have grown up with our kids and I know that when our kids are ready to begin their new lives, so will our little guys. For now though, thanks to you, we are enjoying every day to the fullest with them. 6 months ago our white dog Snoopy was diagnosed with heart failure and a collapsed trachea. His health was deteriorating quickly and I honestly thought we were loosing him. All the vet could offer was synthetic drugs and 4-6 months. Broken hearted I began to pray and search. I just wasn't ready to give up yet and neither was he. I was led to your website, talked to Mark to determine what we needed and ordered the products. We had nothing to loose but our fur baby. Snoopy began to improve immediately . That was 6 month ago. We decided to keep him on the enalipril on a very low dose,but took him off everything else He is doing really well. He is still able to walk a 1/2 a mile a day and has a great quality of life. Each day with him is a gift to us. I am convinced that without your help he would not have been here to celebrate another Christmas with us. Thank you Paw Healer. Life is such a gift!"

The products Snoopy is using are :

Herbal heat tonic, hound honey for Heart, on the link to view the heart products for dogs that need some help.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dog Lipoma? Read about Randy...A happy, handsome lipoma free boy!

Thanks to Mercedes Pedrick for sharing Danny's Story...Gosh what a cute photo!

Danny my families yellow lab suffered with Lipomas for a years and had 8 of them surgically removed over a 2 or 3 year period. As he got older we preferred not to go thru that surgery process over and over, so I searched for another alternative and I found "Dissolve" from Paw I also go to an acupuncturist and showed her the herbal mix when she confirmed the use was to melt or dissolve fat, so I gave it a try. 5 years later we are very happy with the results, Danny has no more Lipomas and is a happy boy at age 11.

Danny has been a regular user of DISSOLVE for lumps and bumps...Here is the bottle image and the link to review this formula:


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dog Hind Leg Weakness? Consider Herbal Remedies...

Thanks to Joanne Witcraft for Lola's Story

Lola has hind end weakness from a neurological condition called Laryngeal Paralysis. With this formula, she shows more strength and stamina in her hind legs. She still has some weakness, but it's less than it was. She can jump up on the bed again!

Hind End Weakness Liver Blood/Kidney Yin Vacuity 

Cough Syrup for Dogs...Hound Honey for Dogs...Tastes Yummy.

Thanks to Laverne Falster for sharing !
My little Yorkie "Bogie" (10 years old) started coughing and making other weird coughing and gagging and sneezing sounds so I started searching for something to help my darling little dog. I found Paw Healer and they suggested Hound Honey Phlegm Heat, it is a syrup and Bogie loves it and best of all I think it is helping his cough. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Old Dogs Don't Cough No More.....

Hi Holly,
These are my two 16 1/2 year old Peek-a-Poo Sisters, Ling (left) and Ally. Ling is the one who I order the Hound Honey for. The formula seems to be working as her honking and coughing has gone down to a minimum. Recently, I also added the lung support powder and the combination of the two has done well for Ling. If you don't want to go the drug route and prefer something natural for your older pet, then try these products!

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Pam Matyasik

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Does your dog have Seizures? Read the story of Phoenix..,,

Thanks to Nancy Behymer for sharing the story of Phoenix.
"Phoenix my Daughters dog (a pup from mine) he had terrible seizures poor guy could not get a week in without having one. The would last up to 20 to 30 min all we could do was hold him to keep him from flopping around and hurting himself. We first tired the Calm and Compose a week didn't go by and he had one. Very heart wrenching to see he tried not to have them. Liver Yang Rising seems to be working he has been seizure free for over a month now he is so happy now. thank you Mark and Paw Healer"

Calm and Compose 
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