Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dog Fatty Lumps? Read about more lipomas

Thanks for Monda for sharing Limo's Dissolve experience.

"Have been using Dissolve for five months. Limo has much more energy and can now jump upon the couch again. The little lumps are gone. The big one has moved down and back. Do give this product a try as we have seen good things. We recommend capsules - they are easier."

Notice she kept Limo on the Dissolve for a long period of time. I have many people who want to use one bottle and expect a magic bullet. Its not. There is work that goes with ridding a dog of lipomas. Diet is the first requirement. If your dog is overweight, get those pounds off. Lipomas are an excess yin substance. The body is not transforming all the food, thus the accumulation of phlegm/damp nodules known as Lipomas.

Unfortunately not every dog will respond to the lipoma aspect of the formula. However there are many side benefits. We invigorate the blood, which in most instances will enhance the dog's mobility. Those lumps and bumps obstruct the channels. So the herbs are helping move qi and blood which is always a good thing.

Here is the link for Dissolve 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dog Bladder Stone Help...Big Boy Corbin Feels Great!

Coben my 8 year old Great Dane was urinating blood and the vet wanted to do a x-ray, possibly surgery for bladder stones. I contacted Paw Healer right away and they came up with the combination for correcting his crystals in the urine. In about 2 to 3 months Coben was free from the heat and pain and no longer urinating blood. Thank you for all your help! I've also tried some other herbs for Coben from Paw Healer and he does well with all!

Thanks for Pepper sharing Corben's story. Corben has a tendency towards damp-heat. It affects his bladder and ears..and Pepper stays on top of that problem by using herbs to clear heat.

Corben used Urinary Free the Flow for Blood/Stasis Heat....and happily he is a happy peeing dog!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Canine Cataracts? Consider to Nourish the Eyes..Read Betty Spagetti's Experience.

Betty Spaghetti's Story
Herbs for a Pug's Eyes!

"We adopted Betty Spaghetti, an elderly pug, from a shelter in October of 2012. She'd obviously not been well cared for and among other physical problems her eyes were in bad shape. She had dry eye (KCS) which had been left untreated. She was almost blind with clouding in both eyes and severe scarring on one. I began giving her the Round Corneal Nebula (herbal formula) right away along with daily moisturizing drops. I think that Betty's vision has actually improved slightly. The miracle is that her vision didn't continue to worsen. I'm very grateful to Paw Healer for that. Betty lives the good life now."

Thanks to Karin for her kind words and her story about Betty and how she is working to perserve Betty's eyesight.  I made a link so anybody interested can go look at the formulas. We have many different blends, they are not all on the website...

If your interested in a custom blend for your dog...e mail or go to and check out all of our herbal formulations made especially for the special dog.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Collapsed Trachea Natural Remedy...Nicki the American Eskimo Knows it Helps....

Thanks to Cindy B for sharing Niki's picture and story of ccollapsedtrachea, here it is:

Nikki, my American Eskimo was diagnosed with Tracheal Collapse last year. I found Paw Healer on the computer, and ordered the product. Since using this my baby now sleeps all night without coughing, panting, jumping on and off the bed, and having to get water. We all sleep better now. has been working with dogs diagnosed with a collasped trachea for many years now. From a TCM perspective this is a disease of phlegm and the heat which binds to that turbidity.

I don't think of a "collaspsed trachea"..when i design herbal formulas for dogs that chronically cough, i think about how to get rid of the damp/phlegm. In most instances it will be a formula to clear phlegm-heat in the lungs. However there are many many different patterns that can be assigned to dogs that have been diagnosed with a collapsed trachea.

Like I always tell people. There are no magic bullets..good food, good herbs, exercise, weight control and a great vet..create a synergistic effect. Its hard work, but worth it.

Lung Qi Support for Phlegm-Heat.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Butkus...Heartworm Negative Test.....A handsome fellow he is.....

Thanks to Monica M for telling her story about Butkus...we received back a note from her that the tests for heartworm came back negative...

My mama gave me this combination of herbs and I am feeling much better. Not coughing and gagging nearly as much as before. She mixed with my food and I liked it. Thank you for making these herbs available to dogs and cats. Thanx, Butkus's HeartWorm Support Herbal Formula:

herbs to help your dog naturally

Bladder Stone Relief for Princess...Read how well she is doing ..A great healing Story

Thank you Judith K for sharing your story with us. Princess has been a long term customer...she is now using STONEZYME for maintenance to prevent those nasty bladder stones.

In 2012 my four year old Pomeranian, Princess, was having a lot of trouble. She would go outside about 10 to 20 times a day trying to relieve herself and try for minutes at a time. This went on for quite some time, and then she started to bleed when she would try to go. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with bladder stones and the operations to remove them was $1,200.00 (plus more if extra work was needed). I left the doctor's office in tears as this was a difficult time for us financially, so it made it all that much more difficult. We would have tried to come up with the money somehow, but I came home and did a search and found Paw Healers and starting reading the testimonies. I found a few that matched Princess' symptoms. I called and spoke to Brad and he advised me what to order. I received the Urinary Free Flow and within three weeks her symptoms started to diminish and over the next couple of months all the symptoms were gone. I kept her on this regiment and called Brad again and he switched her over to StoneZyme. She will be on these herbs for the rest of her life. Anytime I have questions, they are always there to help. I have one happy, healthy Princess and I am one happy mama!

STONE-ZYME is a simple formula containing just just two herbs...mild and good for life long use. Lots of customer just love this formula because there is no problem getting picky dogs to eat has chicken gizzard in dogs just eat it right up...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dog Heart Cough? Read about Max the chihuahua...16 years young.

Many thanks to Ann for sharing Max's story...Max is 16 years old and Ann W. has exactly the right idea..she understands that it is all about finding remedies and medicines that work to create a good quality of life. ...Read her story:

3 years ago Max a chiuahuah mix had an acute cough which then we found him in pulmonary edema ( I think because of the codine medicine the er vet put him on). That vet also said that Max has a tear in the corde tendeae which is a tendon that holds the valve to the heart muscle. He gave Max 4 months to live. Strangely that same time he went completely deaf. Well, Max is still here and feeling good! I had tried the other Pawhealer cough syrups but it wasn't until I tried this one that his cough has become softer and not as frequent and finally we are all sleeping better! I haven't given him vaccinations, but instead he gets a rabies titer which always shows he is protected and he gets his tag. Grain free organic diet home cooked and filtered water! He is on some meds from the vet but it is the herbs that have made the biggest difference in his quality of health! By the way Max will turn 18 in Sept this year!