Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collapsed Trachea? Use herbs to dry phlegm to stop cough....

Thanks to Zoi S. for sharing QT's experience using Pawhealer cough products. Coughing is common among little dogs, and many times, chironic coughing is diagnosed as a collapsed trachea. As a Chinese herbalist, I don't see it like this. I see it as a disease of chronic phlegm, which I attribute to first...the food we feed our dogs, and secondly it may be due to a constitutional predisposition. None the less, the herbal formulas help to dry the phlegm which is what causes a cough...

"My dog has been doing so much better with her collapsed trachea. She sleeps through the night and has fewer episodes. This product is wonderful"


Help for Big Dogs that Cough!

Thanks to Andrea T. for sharing Buddy's experience with PawHealer products. Many old dogs cough. Chinese herbal medicine explains as a failure of yang to transform yin...yang failing to transform substance, thus arises turbid yin...also  known as phlegm. 

"My 14 year old border collie/Australian Shepard, Buddy would cough all night and it wore him out and he wouldn't be as playful the next day but since finding paw healer and trying their products he now sleeps pretty much thru the night and plays like a puppy the next day. I recommend paw healer to all my friends"

We have a multitude of cough products..the one that Buddy took was the

Lung Qi Support for Phlegm-Heat...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coughing from Heartworms? Consider Pawhealer's Heartworm Support Products...

Thanks to Christine M for letting us know how Jake is doing. She is referring to the Heartworm Support Formula for coughing.

"Jake is doing really well and the coughing stopped almost immediately. Great product."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Herbs for Nasal Lumps and Bumps...Read about Diesel

Thanks to Peggy R for sharing Diesel's results...we did a custom formula for the big guy...and I do have to say...the herbs work great for canine nose issues!

"The visible red nasal polyp is gone! While sinus issues still remain, it's amazing that polyp has disappeared."

Sadie's Trachea...Doing Great...Consider PawHealer!

Thanks to Victoria V for sharing this beautiful image and Sadies experience using Pawhealer's products:

"My Sadie has a collapsed trachea and when we went on vacation this summer she had so much anxiety from the trip she could hardly breath. When we got home I researched and found Paw healer, Sadie is doing wonderful now. She is like new. No breathing problems at all I am so happy with the results I highly recommend to everyone with this issue."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Special Dissolve for Beautiful Pita.....15 years old

Thanks Joyce...this story warmed my heart...and made me a little sad as well.

"Thank you all for what you do. My name is Pita and I have had a large lump in my throat for a long time now. The doctors say it can not be removed because it will kill me. My Mom started me on holistic medicine when we found out what i had. Although the doctors still can't tell me exactly what it is but we figured it's related to thyroid or goiter. Since we have been using holistic medicine my Mom and doctors believe that is why I'm still alive today. Just recently the lump stated to spread and i have lost a lot of weight the doctors think it's cancer. So my Mom called paw healer and talked to the nice folk's there and they told us what to try. So far I'm still alive and doing ok. I'm 15 and a Irish wolfhound. I still am enjoying what is left of my life because my Mom and i believe that paw healer has prolonged my life. So don't ever give up on your babies because Paw Healer is here to help."

This is such a great story. Chinese herbs do work great for any kind of nodule especially goiters. I received this note at the end of December. I hope Pita is still doing well, but Janice has the right idea. Many people think if we are old...that its not worth doing anything to support the quality of life...when in fact, the herbal remedies help smooth the journey and the transition of life. 

Suffering is not a mandatory condition for a dog to age. You can make a difference in their well being. Especially the older big dogs who need support for their hind legs. Once again thanks to Joyce for trusting the final days of Pita to us...

Ripley..Believe it or not...Found a natural bladder stone remedy...

Thanks for Kayla H for sharing Ripley's experience......

"Ripley has done so much better since being on UFF. He was having accidents all the time in the house. Took him to the vet and he had crystals in his urine from his urine being too alkaline. We had to get his urine to be more acidic. He hasn't been having accidents now for a while. It took about a month until he was doing really well?.