Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dog Heart Cough? Read about Max the chihuahua...16 years young.

Many thanks to Ann for sharing Max's story...Max is 16 years old and Ann W. has exactly the right idea..she understands that it is all about finding remedies and medicines that work to create a good quality of life. ...Read her story:

3 years ago Max a chiuahuah mix had an acute cough which then we found him in pulmonary edema ( I think because of the codine medicine the er vet put him on). That vet also said that Max has a tear in the corde tendeae which is a tendon that holds the valve to the heart muscle. He gave Max 4 months to live. Strangely that same time he went completely deaf. Well, Max is still here and feeling good! I had tried the other Pawhealer cough syrups but it wasn't until I tried this one that his cough has become softer and not as frequent and finally we are all sleeping better! I haven't given him vaccinations, but instead he gets a rabies titer which always shows he is protected and he gets his tag. Grain free organic diet home cooked and filtered water! He is on some meds from the vet but it is the herbs that have made the biggest difference in his quality of health! By the way Max will turn 18 in Sept this year!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dog Heartworms..Gary's Great Story

Thanks to Gary for this great story....Gary...what a great person you must be. Most people would not take in a dog like this...

In May of 2013 I was driving home from work and saw this skinny brown dog in the middle of the road. He had been hit by a car and was dragging his left leg and his head was covered in blood. He is a tall dog but was so bony. I felt so sorry for him that I stopped and loaded him up in my car. He was in pain but he still wagged his tail and was so friendly. I took him to my vet and he said the head injury was minor and the leg was not broken but he had stage five heartworms. The vet thought he would die. But I would not give up on this sweat heart of a dog. I searched the internet for herbs and found the website for PawHealers. I sent and message and also called. I was so worried about him. He only weighed 54 pounds and he is a tall dog. He was having trouble breathing and was full of fluid. He was so weak we hand fed him and made him drink water. We set up with him all the time. Mark and several at PawHealers would stay on the phone with me as we talked about herbs and treatments for our baby. Finally he started gaining weight and his eyes were clearing up. He started moving more and was sleeping better. We had a very rough year with him. Almost lost him a few times. But you guys were always there with me on the phone with ideas to get him through this. I took him to the vet this past May, we have had him one year now. The vet was amazed and said it is a miracle. He is heartworm free and has no kidney or liver damage. But he does have an enlarged heart and breathing trouble. With Mark's help we will get him through this too. The vet said we need to get some weight off of him now he 100 pound baby. We call him Baby Huey. The vet wrote everything down we have done and is in love with our big old mute. We would not part with him for the world. He is beautiful. Thank you guys so much with all your help support and phone calls. Hope you got his picture I sent.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Coughing dog? Does it sound dry? Consider trying Chinese herbals formulas based on cough patterns...

This is about Dulce's dry coughing:


"She had a terrible rough dry hacking cough during day and night. I started her on this product after having given her a Zinc throat spray, Cepacol and 2 vet prescribed meds. Everything helped to easy the cough but not eliminate it until I started giving her Lung Qi Support: Kidney Yang Deficiency twice a day. Now she doesn't cough and she is also happier and more active."

Thanks to Patricia M for sharing her story about Dulce.

Dulce's cough is a symptom of a more complex set of other words,  her cough is just a part of the Chinese herbal  pattern.

The base formula is  very famous and it's called Shen Qi Wan which I modify to help with the rebellious lung qi.

This formula has a multitude of applications and it is used as a base for many imbalances such as incontinence, weak hind legs and hips, deafness, fatigue...

You see,  it warms yang..the ministerial fire that is housed in the lower burner.  Yang is qi, and qi  is loosely translated to "breaths"..thus if the kidney qi/yang is weak;  the kidneys will fail to grasp the lung qi..thus the dog or person will cough and wheeze...

As I always like to caution people. There are no magic bullets. Good food, good herbs, and a good vet..all work to help manage chronic conditions of all sorts. It takes work, and an understanding that when deficiency sets in, most of the time it will never be as good as before the disease onset. HOWEVER, it's about managing the symptoms, and slowing down the progression or worsening of the problem. Don't ever give up working to find the key that works for your dog....

And some people are really fortunate, it does help 100%, but that's not always the case. The best thing you can do for a coughing dog is to ensure there is a fresh diet!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dog Fatty Tumors? Consider herbs to help transform phlegm/damp!

Thanks to Debra for sharing TJ's experience using Dissolve...For lumps and bumps.

Amazing reduction in multiple lipomas. He doesn't mind it mixed in with his food and a little water. Thank you for helping us give him a great quality of life.

Debra also goes on to tell us:

We are using dissolve with him. All the lipomas have reduced greatly. But, they are still stubbornly there and have not gotten any smaller. Any Advice? 

I consider it a big plus when large lipomas are reduced in size. Imagine, what they look like internally...they are not just unsightly, they also obstruct the network vessels and cause the dog's pain. The herbs in Dissolve All "move blood" which promotes circulation, which helps to eliminate pain.

So my answer to Debra is that some of the lipomas will not reduce.  What is really important is that no more form,and that the remaining few do not interfere with the dog's quality of life. If your dog moves better, and seems pain free...that's a great thing.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dog Coughing? Learn about how you can use authentic Chinese herbs to help manage canine cough symptoms.

What you should know about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using Chinese herbal medicine for pets and people.

First of most importance....if there are not options for different formulas for whatever ails you or your pet, and it's a single formula, then the herbal remedy is not presented authentically.

IF there is only one formula...that is a westernized medicine=one disease, and that is NOT how Chinese herbal formulas are to be assigned.

It's bothersome to wonder throughout the internet, and to go  to various sites, and because a particular formula has a Veterinarian name, logo, or whatever attached it then its okay, because it is not.

Lets take for an example the chief compliant of "cough", which is called "rebellious lung qi". THERE IS NOT JUST ONE FORMULA FOR THAT COMPLIANT.

Drives me crazy that I see websites that offer one formula for one compliant, when in fact, there are multiple patterns that may associated with one problem. Using our example using coughing:

Chief compliant or  disease name (that's how TCM refers to the problem): This example is the common canine compliant which is coughing...i.e., Rebellious lung qi  (ke sou). Check out the decision tree here. See how many different types of coughing patterns that may exist? (SEE CHART BELOW) offers on line the 4 most common canine coughing patterns. Interesting to note is that dogs are different in the terms of patterns than humans. Because dogs are so yang in nature, we must use herbs that deal with either excess yang or floating yang...We have the Lung Qi for Phlegm Heat is the most commonly used formula for chronic dog coughing, whereas in humans it is indicated for an acute situation.

So people!!! Just because they say Chinese herbs vet recommend, it does not mean that it is practiced correctly. Chinese herbal formulas are pattern driven. And that goes for all diseases, such as hind leg weakness, digestive problems, liver issues and matters of the heart. is unique in that we try to stay as true as possible to the idea of "one pattern one hundred diseases"....

If you have any questions...feel free to e mail me at

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dog Bladder Stones...AGAIN? Consider Pawhealer's STONEZYME

Thanks to Julie K for sharing the story of Princess and her struggles with bladder stones:
In 2012 my four year old Pomeranian, Princess, was having a lot of trouble. She would go outside about 10 to 20 times a day trying to relieve herself and try for minutes at a time. This went on for quite some time, and then she started to bleed when she would try to go. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with bladder stones and the operations to remove them was $1,200.00 (plus more if extra work was needed). I left the doctor's office in tears as this was a difficult time for us financially, so it made it all that much more difficult. We would have tried to come up with the money somehow, but I came home and did a search and found Paw Healers and starting reading the testimonies. I found a few that matched Princess' symptoms. I called and spoke to Brad and he advised me what to order. I received the Urinary Free Flow and within three weeks her symptoms started to diminish and over the next couple of months all the symptoms were gone. I kept her on this regiment and called Brad again and he switched her over to StoneZyme. She will be on these herbs for the rest of her life. Anytime I have questions, they are always there to help. I have one happy, healthy Princess and I am one happy mama!

Julie is referring to PawHealer's stone-zyme herbal formula. I created this remedy with the idea of preventing damp heat. I used only two herbs...

Hai jin Sha (Lygodi Spora) which is a climbing fern mature  spore.

The herb is sweet and cold in nature and it enters the bladder and the small intestine.

It frees the flow of urine, helps with painful urination, and expels stones, which include gallbladder as well as bladder stones.

This herb is an important ingredient in which to treat bladder pain due to obstruction of the bladder qi. In other words, its helps with pain when there are bladder stones, or any type of problems causing heat.

Combine this herb with Ji nei Jin...which is chicken gizzard skiin:

And you have a powerful combination of herbs in which to digest properly in order to prevent damp heat transforming to stone. Think about a chicken...they pluck the ground and they take in gravel, their digestion system handles the transformation of stone...thus the law of signatures which is like heals like. 

STONE-ZYME is a combination of these two herbs, they are mild and great for long term, and easy to get the dog to eat.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Yorkie's Collapsed Trachea...How PawHealer Helps Manage a Honking Cough...

Thanks to Shirley W. for sharing the story of Kelly-Anamarie a cute little yorkie.

Hello. I'm a 14-year-old yorkie who has been experiencing a collapsing trachea for a few years. Since mum bought me this product, I don't cough as much. She adds it to my food everyday and I don't even taste it. I still love my canned food, even with all the herbs that mum adds to it. Today, mum ordered Hind Leg Weakness: Yang Floating. She's noticing that my hind legs spread out, like I can't control them as well as when I was younger, altho' after awhile, they go back to normal. Since mum loves me so much and adds lots of herbs to my food, I feel and act like I'm younger than I am. I enjoy my walks everyday, and even tho' I sleep more in general, I feel that I'm a very healthy, happy doggie. Kelly-Anamarie

Cough Remedies for Honking Cough Symptoms