Thursday, April 17, 2014

Does Your Dog Suffer from Hind Leg Weakness and Pain? Try Pawhealer!

This is Beukeboom and like many dogs..he has hind leg weakness. Generally  weakening of the legs is due to aging taxation. Bigger dogs weaken in the rear quarters more often than smaller dogs. 

What's important to know is that dogs and people can benefit by using herbal formulas to tonify and help age more gently and gracefully. 

Unfortunately the cycle of life cannot be denied..from birth we enter the yang cycle to slowly through the years end with the yin's natural and its a part of nature and life.

However, we certainly can make it a more smoother and easier transition. 

Chinese medicine does this my supplementing yang, specifically the ministerial fire which resides within the kidney system. Any pain and weakness of lower back, hips and knees, can be ascribed to the weakness of the yang qi.

The Hind leg Weakness used by  Beukeboom is below. Click the link to see the formulas that are available. This is a warming formula which supplements yang to transform yin.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

For Dog's Like Jake...Heart Disease Remedies...

Thanks to Darlene B for sharing her photo and story about our senior friend Jake and how he has managed he cough and gagging due to the symptoms of heart disease:

Jake will be 14yrs old April 20, 2014 and he was diagnosed with heart disease last summer. He has the cough and gagging that comes with that and since starting him on these two products he is off the prednisone,lost all that bloat and is his old self again. You rarely ever hear him cough and he is back to making sure he is in the lead on our walks. Am so grateful to have found this site.

So...lets talk about expectations. Herbal remedies do not "Cure" heart disease. Chinese herbal formulas are made to balance yin and yang.

In the case of Jake, we are transforming excess yin fluids but draining damp. It makes him feel better..that's what counts. It's all about helping our seniors..pets AND people age gracefully as yang wanes...

Visit our heart tonics page by clicking on the link below.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Micky D's Honking Cough....He's no duck anymore!

Thank you for sharing Barbara! Micky D is a handsome canine to be sure...

My little Mickey D is 1/4 Yorkie and 3/4 Maltese and weighs 6 lbs. and is 9 yrs. old. After his Teeth Cleaning at the Vet, he returned home with horrible honking, coughing spells that were almost none stop. This went on for 3 weeks. I managed to get 4 hours sleep in 5 days. I was giving him all of the medicines that the vet had ordered, but was getting no results. I went to the internet and looked for collapsed trachea. Thank God I found PawHealers. After reading about others successes, I immediately ordered Phlegm heat products. I noticed almost immediate results. The spells got less and less frequent and within a week had ceased. I also switched him to a grain free diet. I just placed another order for the Hound Honey. I am elated that I found this product.

Here are the product's Micky D uses to manage a honking cough. Although the next time Barbra will need to do a more gentle formula, one that is not so bitter and cold. Herbs and medicines that are bitter and cold will eventually damage yang qi...Insufficiency of yang qi will result in the inability to transform yin...
LUNG QI SUPPORT for Phlegm-Heat

HOUND HONEY for Phlegm-Heat

Friday, March 28, 2014

Does Your Dog Have a Honking Cough? Try Pawhealer's Herbal Remedy for Yang Deficiency Coughing

I help dogs that chronically cough by using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine...In the case of Tess..we assigned her the formula for Yang Deficiency type of rebellious lung qi (coughing).

This formula was chosen because yang is failing to transform yin fluids...(mucus). We use warming herbs to promote the transformation of the thick fluids...and for Tess, this treatment principle is working.

Keep in mind that dogs that chronically cough, will always need to be managed. This is through diet, supplements, and the right herbal remedies, and of course, a good veterinarian.

Tess has not been honking as much as she was when we first discovered she has a collapsed Trachea. She doesn't vomit anymore! That was horrible for her and the honking has subsided quite a lot. We will continue to use the product and hope for it to go away completely. Thank you everyone at Paw Healer! Tess and her Mom Debbie O'Hara

Lung Qi Support for Yang Deficiency

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lily the Pug...PawHealer's Herbal Remedy for Lungs!

I did a custom herbal formula for Lily..I did a formula to transform phlegm. I don't look at the word "scarrng" or things like that...I knew she had been really sick, and I knew she had problems with her breathing. Based on the survey of Traditional Chinese medicine patterns..and because she is a PUG...whom is by nature are very wet and phlegmy, I did a custom formula to transform damp accumulation. Here is the formula i made for her:

ban xia (Pinella Ternata) 
bai zhu (Atractylodes Ovata) 
cang zhu (Atractylodes Japonica) 
fu ling (Poria Cocos) 
gua lou pi (Pericarpium Trichosanthis) 
hou po (Magnolia Officinalis) 
ren shen ((ginseng radix praep.)) 
zi su zi (Perillae Fructus) 
chen pi (Citrus Reticulata Blanco) 
gan cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) 
gan jiang (Rh

Lily has a special PawHealer Blend made just for her!

Thanks Kimberly Walker!

"My Pug, Lilly, was a rescue & had pneumonia when I first got her & she almost died. Once she was healthier, X-rays were done to determine the extent of damage to her lungs &it was found that she had extensive scarring to her lung tissue & a lung thoracotomy was suggested. Instead of putting my baby through that, I contacted Pawhealer & a custom formula was created for Lilly to target the lung scarring specifically. She's been on that formula for over a year now & the last couple times she's had X-rays, my vet is absolutely amazed at how her lungs are healing over time. On X-rays, lung tissue should be clear & Lilly's was completely opaque before the herbs. Now, slowly, but surely, her lungs are healing from the inside out. I just put a 1/2 teaspoon in her food twice per day & am so thankful to Pawhealer for making her healing possible. She is probably my most favorite thing in my life & her health is incredibly important to me. She's breathing easier & easier - even with the cold snaps we've had this winter in Florida. Thank you, Pawhealer!!!!!!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hannah's Heart...Still Beating and Going Strong....PawHealer's Heart Tonic (CHF)

From Doug Bolden:

Hanna was diagnosed with congestive heart failure 2 years ago...Vet said life expectancy was to be approx 1 year........I believe the Paw Healer herbs helped, along with good Vet care.....Hanna is now 12 years old....

Hannah has been using Empirical Heart Tonic (CHF) and Hound Honey to naturally support her heart. 

The idea of these two products is to help move the blood, transform fluids by warming yang.

The powder and the syrup work great together..keeping herbals floating throughout her blood stream in small amounts all through the day. These products help to manage her cough...

Heart Support (CHF)

Hound Honey Heart Syrup

Friday, March 21, 2014

Diva the Beauty Dog Loves PawHealer's Herbal Remedies ....She's a little hottie!

Thanks to Janet for her Diva...Diva takes various products...all of which work to help moderate phlegm. Little dogs make alot of phlegm, that's why they are predispositioned to breathing and coughing issues. So what we do, is make herbal formulas that help to dry and transform phlegm. Not onlydo we use herbs to dry phlegm inside the lungs, but we dry up digestive phlegm. Thus, we help to manage all types of conditions of phlegm. 

Like I have said before...we don't cure diseases...we balance yin and yang!

 We almost had to put Diva down over a year ago...Her breathing was shallow and she had stopped eating. My brother and sister got involved and asked me to wait until they had a chance to work with her. Thank God my brother looked at This is where he found out that it was most likely phlegm and congestion making Diva not able to breathe. So, the first thing my sister did was give her a Special mix blend of: Camphor oil Eucalyptus oil Peppermint essential oils Rosemary Water 2 tablespoons Just stir oils together. We now shop almost exclusively on Paw Healer and I order everything from items to help with her heart as well as her joints and a myriad of other items to ensure that my little Diva is here for a long long time! Thank you Paw Healer! You are literally a LIFE SAVER!!!