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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Canine Cataracts? Consider to Nourish the Eyes..Read Betty Spagetti's Experience.

Betty Spaghetti's Story
Herbs for a Pug's Eyes!

"We adopted Betty Spaghetti, an elderly pug, from a shelter in October of 2012. She'd obviously not been well cared for and among other physical problems her eyes were in bad shape. She had dry eye (KCS) which had been left untreated. She was almost blind with clouding in both eyes and severe scarring on one. I began giving her the Round Corneal Nebula (herbal formula) right away along with daily moisturizing drops. I think that Betty's vision has actually improved slightly. The miracle is that her vision didn't continue to worsen. I'm very grateful to Paw Healer for that. Betty lives the good life now."

Thanks to Karin for her kind words and her story about Betty and how she is working to perserve Betty's eyesight.  I made a link so anybody interested can go look at the formulas. We have many different blends, they are not all on the website...

If your interested in a custom blend for your dog...e mail or go to and check out all of our herbal formulations made especially for the special dog.
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