Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bo's Phlegm Congestion.......

Bo, our 9 yo wheaten terrier was diagnosed with parasites in his nose and throat in 2013. He had coughing, gagging, reverse sneezing uncontrolled with antihistamines, cough pills, etc. He probably got the parasites from sniffing up something in our yard. He was on several months of anti-parasitic meds. However, he continued to cough, gag, etc. After 4 months from the first rhinoscopy which found the parasites, he had a second rhinoscopy to confirm whether they were gone due to his continued symptoms. He was found to have inflammatory tissue engorged with blood vessels in his posterior nose and throat. The diagnosis is an auto-immune condition called lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis-pharyngitis. He was placed on high dose Prednisone for months and the side effects were awful; muscle weakness, excessive voiding, etc. His symptoms improved somewhat, but still problematic. He was then switched to an anti-inflammatory drug for dogs called Piroxicam. It did help however, it took about 10 days for us to see some results....then after about 6 weeks, he started having vomitting on/off. We had been giving him famotadine (Pepcid) as a stomach protectant. We had to stop the piroxicam and restarted it a few weeks later...he could tolerate it about 2 weeks and the same thing-vomitting. I researched the Internet for dog coughs and found PawHealer. I tried the Hound Honey Damp and it slowly lessened his cough/gagging. He still coughs a couple times a day but it is so much better than it had been. There's anti-inflammatory herbs in the ingredients which helped him and no side effects. Plus he LOVES the taste. He takes it 2-3 times a day. We have forgotten doses and his symptoms worsens, so we know it helps. He also takes an antihistamine twice a day. He seems to have phlegm which builds up in his throat or upper airway which causes him to cough. We recently added vet prescribed fish oil and glucosamine which also have anti-inflammatory effect and have seen even more improvement. You just have to try it! Thank you PawHealer!

Sue Baklarz, MN

bo bo

PawHealer's Response:

I am pleased the Honey Honey for Phlegm-Damp helped. I believe if Bo was to take the powder formula along with the Hound Honey he would have astounding results. The powder is much stronger than the syrups.

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