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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Griffens Story...Update

We received this updated post from Monica...letting us know how all the changes she has done with Griffin that have helped him get away from having seizures. Through herbs and food therapy Griffin is improving over time; Here is her update...and Griffins link is also posted here to read it...Griffin's Story Link

I changed up Griffins diet again, well not really changed just tweaked it a bit. I started feeding him Blue canned food with the herbs, they mix in alot better and he seems to like it he doesnt leave anything in his bowl anymore. Plus he hasnt had a siezure since the new tweak. I hope we are on the right path to his total wellness. But of course he isnt the same without his herbs, so i will continue that indefinentaly. Thank you for checking in us. I hope what i have shared with you may help other owners in feeding with the herbs. Sincerely Your friends Monica and Griffin

Pinkyand the PawHealer Team
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