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Monday, June 9, 2014

Coughing dog? Does it sound dry? Consider trying Chinese herbals formulas based on cough patterns...

This is about Dulce's dry coughing:


"She had a terrible rough dry hacking cough during day and night. I started her on this product after having given her a Zinc throat spray, Cepacol and 2 vet prescribed meds. Everything helped to easy the cough but not eliminate it until I started giving her Lung Qi Support: Kidney Yang Deficiency twice a day. Now she doesn't cough and she is also happier and more active."

Thanks to Patricia M for sharing her story about Dulce.

Dulce's cough is a symptom of a more complex set of other words,  her cough is just a part of the Chinese herbal  pattern.

The base formula is  very famous and it's called Shen Qi Wan which I modify to help with the rebellious lung qi.

This formula has a multitude of applications and it is used as a base for many imbalances such as incontinence, weak hind legs and hips, deafness, fatigue...

You see,  it warms yang..the ministerial fire that is housed in the lower burner.  Yang is qi, and qi  is loosely translated to "breaths"..thus if the kidney qi/yang is weak;  the kidneys will fail to grasp the lung qi..thus the dog or person will cough and wheeze...

As I always like to caution people. There are no magic bullets. Good food, good herbs, and a good vet..all work to help manage chronic conditions of all sorts. It takes work, and an understanding that when deficiency sets in, most of the time it will never be as good as before the disease onset. HOWEVER, it's about managing the symptoms, and slowing down the progression or worsening of the problem. Don't ever give up working to find the key that works for your dog....

And some people are really fortunate, it does help 100%, but that's not always the case. The best thing you can do for a coughing dog is to ensure there is a fresh diet!

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