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Monday, November 11, 2013

PoorBear's Tumors Shink Using Dissolve Herbal Formula...Deer Antler Working Great...A Very Happy Dog Mother Tells Her Story!

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Your products are amazing.  You made a custom design for Simba for elevated liver, hind end weakness, arthritis, and heavy panting and crying at night.  He is now off Tramadoly and I am experimenting with half dose of arthritis meds every other day.  I just weaned him off the full dose of Novox every day and gave him half.  This week we are trying half dose every other day.  Simba has not been able to be weaned down on Novox in 8 years.  He took his first walk on Friday in over a year.  The deer velvet is amazing product.  I gave him three small weeks over the weekend and so far so good.  He is running again and trying to jump up on  his back legs which he has not done in several years.   His arthritis is really under control for the first time in a long time.  His hair is starting to grow again which has not for a year because of the borderline cushings disase.  He is sleeping like a baby at night.  He is almost 14 years old and I have caught him twice going to the toy bin to grab a toy which he has not done in years.  His coughing though starts back as soon as I take him off the phlegm heat.  When we finish his custom product we will need to revisit the coughing formula in this one because that is not working as well as Phelgm  heat.   His liver count will drop with the reduction of Novox.  The deer velvet product is amazing.
I started giving the deer antler  to my 16 year old Westie and he is now off Novox as well, however, his arthritis was very minor compared to Simba’s.   I also bough Dissolve for Poohbear for a wart/tumor on his face that needed to come off.  It was a half inch by half inch but the depth was really deep.  The next morning it went down 3/8” and now the depth is close to flush with his face.  It has been a week since yesterday.  It quit bleeding all the time as well. 
I am attaching two photos of Poohbear’s tumor.  You can see how in less than a week, the wart has changed and is not red and bleeding anymore and has shrunk in size.  The video of Simba shows him running and standing on two legs.  Bear in mind, Simba was so bad three months ago, we considered putting him down because it was too painful for him to get up to go to the bathroom or eat.  Now he is running without a limp.  I am also attaching a picture of Simba yesterday and you can see how he has a lot of new hair growth around his face.  He has not had a haircut in a year so this is awesome that his hair is growing again.
Thanks again.  I am soooooo glad I found you guys.  I will keep you posted on the tumor for Pooh Bear and Simba’s recovery.  Both dogs have responded very quickly to the products.  Both guys have a much better quality of life now.
Lori R.

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