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Friday, March 4, 2016

Johann with our PawZymes Digestive Enzymes

I adopted my retriever mix from a shelter in the middle of summer. He was only 8 months, shedding like crazy and he wouldn't let me brush him. I had some Pawzymes left over from my beloved retriever whom I lost to cancer a month earlier so I decided to put some in my new pup's food. After about a month he stopped shedding. I couldn't believe it! I never owned a dog that did not shed. Then winter came so I stopped using the Pawzymes because dogs don't shed as much in Winter. Well, he started to shed like crazy again. I started using the Pawzymes again about 3 weeks ago and, once again, his shedding is subsiding. I'm going to keep him on Pawzymes year round. Thank You for this great enzyme supplement.

Alison Sandor, CT

Johann Johann

PawHealer's Response:

Thank you Alison

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