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Monday, July 15, 2013

Unhappy Collapsed Trachea Customer...PawHealer Response

This is a post that was made by a Facebook user. I appreciate her feed back..however, I believe that people should have a broader view of both herbal and western medicine. If only serious diseases could have 100% cures, think about all the sick people and pets who would be better. The realities of life is that once disease exists, and of a serious nature, we can only hope to manage the diseases. Honestly, herbs and western medicine can do this. But every person and every dog is different. What also matters, are enviornmental factors such as diet, exercise, toxins. There is no magic bullet...but to say that herbal medicine does not work, is not right. Why do people have unrealistic expectations of herbs that they do not impose on western an herbalist, I can only shake my head...and be thankful of all the people that post and tell me that I have helped their dog..

Licensed Acupuncturist
Clinical Herbalist for Pets and People

Marlene C.....Her Facebook post
I just want all of out their to know that I was NOT happy with the herbs i got and wasted money on for little pom who suffers from a collapsed trachea, as they did NOT WORK so don't waste your money on the herbs for that condition, i even talked to the vet and i said the herbs are not working and she said they usually don't work on a collapsed trachea yet they sell this Empirical Lung support Phlegm Heat for it stating it helps this condition. Don't waste your money !!!!!!!!!!!! Surgery is the only thing that helps this condition ! They must write their own reviews for this product !!!!

Hi Marlene...first of all, herbs are herbs....i freely admit as an acupunturist for people and an herbalist for pets...that herbal remedies do not work 100% of the time...neither does westeern medications. I looked up your order, and I see that you did not fill out a pattern survey...we have formulas for all types of cough...things can effect the choice of formulas...such as problems with the it a phlegm-heat or a phlegm damp cough...what is your dog eating? In other words, the Phlegm Heat formula may not be the right one for your pom. I am sad that you feel that herbs have no place in healing, when in fact, that's just not the case. Many dogs with collapsed trachea have found a tremendous relief..I wish that we had remedies that could cure disease 100 percent...but that does not exist in life for pets or people. Vets are not licensed for herbal medicine, they hardly know what it is. I would also like to add that I have many dogs who have been on vet medicines and have no results at all either...Disease is tough, we have to manage the diseases with everything in a toolbox. This includes western meds and herbals...if you would like to try another formula based on a survey, I would be happy to work something out. Regards..Holly Mead (licensed acupuncturst/clinical herblist)

 PS....we don not write our testomionals....nor do we fake all the photos that are put up. That's quite mean to is what we write in our FAQ...Do Herbs Work? As a company who sells herbals we always get a little frustrated with this question. Of course they are effective, HOWEVER we can never be 100% sure of the results since every cat, dog and person is different and the degree of disease progression does impact the outcome. But without a doubt Chinese herbs have shown to be very beneficial for our pets.


For some reason we have lost our ability to be rational with respect to herbal remedies. As a company we wouldn't offer herbs that can't help, however it would be foolish to claim that they work 100% of the time, that's not logical right?

We can say that they really do help support a dogs health naturally. We could not stay in business if we did not have happy customers.

Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

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