Friday, November 16, 2012

Maeili improved on Urinary Free the Flow

HI, my 9 year old Shihtzu is named Maeli ( she has been on your facebook page) She has had three operations for bladder stones ( both urate and struvite mixed). She almost died in the last one and afterwards was on antibiotics for 2 months( and on ureze) - at which point they found more stones! At that point I put her on Urinary Free the Flow. and cranberry pills. 3 months later her urine is clear of infection and she is doing much better - but the stones are still there on the xrays. they have not really increased but not decreased either. She is on a home made diet. She weighs 12 pounds and I give her 2 capsules in the morning and one at night. My question is weather you recommend any more herbs to try to dissolve the stones or should we just stick to the Free the Flow. I am SO GRATEFUL TO YOU for the progress we have made so far.

All the best,
Devora Wise

Pawhealer recommended for her to increase the dosage from 3 capsules per day to 6 capsules per day as obviously she has improved. But we want to get rid of the stones and she is doing fine and her body has acclimated itself to the herbs. Now let's turn up the volume and get so that by the end of December 2012 or January 2013 she is stone free. We also recommended one or the other of these 2 products to help keep PH balanced in urine:

Alfalfa Leaf


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