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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Border Collie; Dissolve Does It Again

Much thanks to Melodie E. from Washington Island, WI, for giving us this detailed account of her and her dog's effort to resolve lipomas, and all kinds of other lumps and bump. Here is her Dissolve Herbal Formula experience

Lipomas, tumors, cysts, and all of these type of formations are from the disease known in Chinese medicine, as "excess phlegm". Not only do these accumulations appear on the exterior as these unsightly bumps, THEY ARE IN THE INTERIOR, and the block the flow of blood, and other words they obstruct the bodies natural processes in the interior. As a result of the various obstructions, many dogs can't walk right, they experience pain, and it is hard to breath.

People buy Dissolve for all types of reasons. And not in every instance do they completely dissolve the tumors, however..and by far a huge benefit, is that the herbs clear the internal channels, so that qi and blood once again are free to flow to nourish the sinews, aide in qi (breathing), improve the flow of blood and all and all, most dog owners report that the dog is feeling so much better.

Pet owners...fatty tumors on the exterior are not your only problem. They are also on the inside doing damage, and making your dog feel bad.

Dissolve Herbal Formula does much more than what appears to the naked eye!

My 81/2 year old Border Collie mix had always loved to run (as fast as 'caninely' possible). Over one winter, though, she developed tumors, cysts, nodules & lipomas on her legs & stomach that were making it increasingly difficult for her to stand up & walk, much less run. They all tested benign, which was great, but after $600 worth of tests our vet couldn't find a cause or solution. I finally just googled "canine tumors & cysts" on the off-chance that someone had experienced a similar situation. I was astonished to see a result that even included "skin tags" because I'd stopped thinking about those months earlier when the vet dismissed them as unimportant comparatively. I ordered 'Dissolve' right away... A year and a half later, Patchie is back to zooming out the door and running full-tilt around the meadow next door whenever she gets the chance. Since I wasn't sure she'd survive until the first order arrived, it's truly a gift to be able to see her run and play with my grandsons all this time later. Not only are the products amazing, the PawHealer doctors and staff are knowledgeable, dedicated, and endlessly patient in their efforts to give our dearly loved furry family members the best possible care. I am eternally grateful!

Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

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