Friday, September 17, 2010

Many Happy Labs...Months of Diarrhea


I received a call from a kennel owner....she was a very distressed breeder of labs. She called to find herbs for a bacteria called Campylobacter... her dogs had gone through multiple antibiotic treatments and it appeared that they would be okay for awhile, and then subsequent episodes would follow. Her dogs were losing weight, and she was getting desperate...Ha! That's when we always get the calls.....!

I explained to her that there are no such herbs for the western disease...and I went into my explanation that Chinese herbs are used for PATTERN...not western diseases....

However....most external invasions (bacteria, dysentery..whatever you want to call it) is called Damp Heat ....So I made her a blend of herbs that work to help clear Damp Heat.....  

I am happy to report that her 16 dogs are all getting better and she is now onto the stage to tonify the digestive systme in order to help recover from months of long term antibiotic use as well as the stress of the disease....


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