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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mickey; A Sick Little Dog With Kidney Disease

Dear Dr. Pink Pinkerton and PawHealer

Hi, I seen your website for Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs. I would like to know if you have something that can help my dog with kidney failure. His kidney count was 61 and the vet had him for a day with an IV in him,when I took him home his count was 36. I have him home now for about a week and half. And I am giving him fluid shot in his neck now once a day. He is drinking water good, but I'm having a problem with him eating. One day he will eat good and the next day he won't eat. The vet got me to buy Hills Prescription Diet k/d dry and can dog food, but he won't touch the can food at all. The vet want him to eat the dry above food everyday, but I can't get him to do it. I want to know if you have any kind of Medicine that would help him and help him start eating more. I couldn't find anything on your website where you can order anything for Kidney Failure. Please ASPA. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Your co operation in this problem with my dog kidney failure is greatly appricated.

Thanks Again,

Bless her heart, Pink Pinkerton and I feel very sad for this lady and her sick dog. But never fear, we do believe that we can help this little dog become a bit more comfortable by giving herbs that will enhance the appetite as well as support these broken down Kidneys.

The first thing we did is tell Phyllis how to cook food based on food therapy which will also help the action of the herbs. Here is a basic diet for dogs with Kidney failure;

In a crock pot cook

Kidney (yes the organ meat) and all the blood that can be added to make the stew juicy
black or brown rice (pre-cooked and added after its soft_)
precooked Kidney beans
yams (the yams should be very soft and mushy by the time it's done cooking)

Let it cook for about 4 hours on high so that it all blends together.

You can also switch Livers for the Kidneys...alternate them.

Now for the formulas that we selected for Mickey;

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang; this formula will help her dog with the appetite problem. This is accomplished by transforming damp that's accumulating and causing the dog to have stomach upset. This means that right now Micky cannot digest food, and his loss of appetite is the signal for him not to eat, because he cannot properly move the food through his digestive system

The next formula is a famous formula called You Gai Wan.

The indications for this formula are exhaustion from long term illness, aversion to cold, coolness of the extremities, weak back and knees, and in bio-medicine terms Renal Failure.

In other words, cold is setting into the body, the Kidney's which has the job of warming the body is beginning to fail. It is the job of this formula to help re-light the Ming Men Fire that is generated by the Kidneys and keeps the body from cooling. We want to warm Mikcy back up!

We hope the best for Micky because he has been in Phylis's life for 15 years, bless her and bless Micky....

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