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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meet Bingy; The Cat That Forgot!

Pinky Pinkerton (the handsome dog you see in the header) would like to introduce you to Bingy the cat.... who forgot!

Bingy is a senior citizen, a cat who is 17 years old. "Bowser!!!!" says Dr. Pink Pinkerton, that's a lot of cat years, even if they do get nine lives!

Bingy came to us because Shelley (the cat mom) thought that Bingy had Alzheimer's or a stroke.

This is because Bingy was crying without a reason, had lost some coordination, and would walk in circles, into walls, and sometimes would have a very flat affect.

The first thing that Dr Pink and Pawhealer did was to get a formula to Bingy that would nourish the Heart Blood to take away her anxiety....and it worked, Bingy stopped crying.

Next we worked on transforming systemic phlegm, because the team believed that Bingy had a root problem of pathological phlegm and this was based on other symptoms that Shelly discussed with the team.

Shelly now reports that Bingy is doing so much better and her level of functioning continues to increase.

We just recently sent Bingy a whole food supplement to help heal the "gut" because Dr. Pink and I believe that a thousand diseases originate form the gut....

. Pinkerton and PawHealer believe that if Bingy is digesting properly she will have the necessary nutrition to heal the "sea of marrow" (the brain)

Good job Bingy the cat and Shelly the great cat mom!

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