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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Big Dog Coughing....Phlegm-Damp Formula Works Best...

Thanks to Daniel Denisco for telling us how Buddy has done with PawHealer barand products.

Big dogs do better on Phlegm-Damp products whereas little dogs do better on Phlegm-Heat formulas. Also when using the Phlegm-Damp products, it takes longer. This is because it is a more wet type of condition, and it takes the herbal formula longer to try the fluids...whereas the phlegm-heat formula works very quickly to clear heat. So if your a big dog owner, you must be a little more patient as Daniel says:

"Used for Damp Spleen and it eased his conditio. A Vet told me he has Bronchitis. Buddy would pick the time release or spit it out. Frustrated I went to pawhealers and on second course of treatment. The combination eased the cough and spasms. THANK. YOU"

                         Lung Qi Support for Phlegm-Damp and Hound Honey Damp Blend.
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