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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kaya's Sad Life...Better now!

Kaya is a recently adopted 11-year-old German Shepherd rescue. Life long abuse (doggy PTSD), chained outside always (signs of frostbite scars), and constantly bred. She was recovering from her spay by rescue organization, but her incision was not healing and she was rejecting her absorbable sutures. Vet was just using antibiotics and we were applying warm Epson salt compresses 3X daily. Stopped antibiotics (my decision), used above products after great consult with PH staff. Took a few weeks, but healing became rapid process. As she was so depleted I'm keeping her on supplements for a bit. She's much happier and very healthy. FYI I am a repeat customer. PH products have helped all my rescues.

John Streeter, WV

Kami Kami

PawHealer's Response:

Stories like this break our heart. We are happy we could help Kaya with her Herbal pattern that indicated, we needed to clear heat and generate flesh.

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