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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diabetes Remedy Helps Sanjiv Maintain Healthly Blood Sugar....

Sanjiv, my best friend and Chihuahua, was diagnosed with diabetes July, 2012. Since then, we dealt with fluctuating blood glucose levels that would spiral upwards or downward for no apparent reason. Countless times Sanjiv's blood glucose dropped and then soared. Ketones and pH levels were erratic going into the danger zone frequently. We tried and tried anything and everything to keep Sanjiv balanced to no avail. Sanjiv is so small, requiring such a tiny amount of insulin that it was nearly impossible to make adjustments. Sanjiv started taking Empirical Wasting and Thirsting May, 2013. Almost immediately his blood chemistry came into balance. He began sleeping through the night again. His energy level increased. His appetite is fantastic. He's playful once more. Sanjiv's blood glucose, ketones and pH levels have normalized. Sanjiv weighs 6 pounds and requires two capsules a day, rather than the recommended 3. He takes 1/2 unit of insulin twice daily along with his Empirical Wasting. Thank you for helping me get my Sanjiv back. Sincerely, Lydia

Thanks to Lydia for sharing the story. Sanjv is taking the Empirical Wasting & Thirsting formula. 

I would like my readers to know that we also build custom formulas for pets with very complex patterns of disease.
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