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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Chinese Herbal Formulas Can Do For Your Dog

Today I had a lady pretty much threaten me in every instance while trying to explain to her. She was convinced I did not know what i was doing, since there was not one word of psoriasis.

She was livid because a custom formula made for her dog's skin was made for the pattern of Blood Deficiency, a common pattern of Traditional Chinese medicine disharmony.

This woman was looking for something for "psoriasis", Chinese herbs do not correlate to  psoriasis, they don't do heart disease, they don't do cushing's, nor do they do arthritis. All of those are western diseases. Nowhere in the Chinese Materia Medica will anyone find any functions of herbs to cure western named diseases! Herbs are cataloged as heat clearing, damp draining, blood moving, qi moving etc. It takes years of study to work within this system.

And no way do I ever make the claim that Chinese herbal formulas cure diseases. I am proud to offer herbal formulas that nourish blood, move qi, warm yang, cool deficiency heat, move blood and on and on and on.

The fundamentals of life according to Chinese herbal theory is to work on within the paradigm of Yin and Yang, and can be further broken  down to Qi and Blood. It takes years to grasp these ideals, and they are not easy to explain to people who surf the net and want something to cure certain diseases, and want to understand a system that lay people can never understand.

Traditional Chinese medicine works by balancing Yin and Yang, the governing laws to achieve homeostasis. This is an organized system written in metaphors that is used to correlate the external world in which we live to the internal environment of the body. Chinese herbal theory does not consider the external separate from the internal, and the laws that govern nature also govern our internal body.

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