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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on Lucy...Pain Free..Using PawHealer's Herbs for Pets! We Luv Our Customers

Thanks to Gayle K for sharing her story about Lucy. I remember when this requiest came in. Here is an early blog post that Gayle provided on Lucy. Its great to see that both her pooches are doing so well. Imagine that you hear a vet tell you to put your dog down just because they don't have something in their tool box, when in fact, in the alternative universe, there are many herbal remedies, that are known to provide relief.

What I don't understand, is why people take the vet's word as gospel, when if it concerns our own health, we don't believe much they say, and we reshearch and verify. Thanks to stories like Gayle's, people will become less skeptial, and they learn that there are lots of options out there.
Lucy has two torn acl's in her back hind legs. When she tore her first one I didn't have the money for the surgery. I found PawHealers and they helped me pick out the right herbs for her for her pain and back legs. The vet said if and when she tore the other acl she wouldn't be able to walk and will have to be " put down " .. She did end up tearing it and I continued with the formulas from PawHealers and she may limp sometimes but she is running around and playing with her sister Gracie. I also started Gracie on the Joint Support herbs and she is doing great. I try to keep Lucy from running because after a lot of running she does seem to be in pain but I just cuddle with her and she falls asleep... Thanks PawHealers for all the help you have given me and Gracie and Lucy...Gracie is the blue Wiemaraner and Lucy is the gray Wiemaraner....

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