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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Molly....Private Part Problems...

Dr. Pink and I received a very desperate request for herbals from Kathy who is Molly's dog mom.

Molly had some significant females issues. I know she won't mind us telling her story, since we don't include her last name to protect her privacy.

This was a very embarrassing event for Molly, but for the benefit of all the dogs in the world, she is willing to tell her story so others will not have to suffer and can learn about PawHealer and Dr. Pink Pinkerton and what they have to offer.

Molly.....recently had "the operation" know...the one that they alter her private parts so she won't have puppies.

Something happened after that procedure..

Because the muscles of her private part did not close after the operation, it was as if the muscles had become slack. Unfortunately as a result of this muscle laxity, she then sat on a bur...and guess where it went?

Yup....right where it shouldn't have.

The bur was removed, but ever since that embarrassing event, Molly has been peeing all over the house, and nothing was working to get her to stop. Kathy said she could tell that Molly was not feeling well at all...and wanted something that would not make Molly feel worse.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I gathered the information, and based on the data we determined that Molly's Yin had become deficient and then this was compounded by the fact that she had also had contracted Damp Heat in the Lower Burner which was causing the painful urination. Ouch!

Let me translate that....

As a result of the procedure that had altered her , she now had slack vaginal muscles. Perhaps there was some sort of problem at the time of the procedure who knows. Because of the lax muscles she had contracted Damp Heat, which can mean that there existed infection of the badder because the unprotected vagina was open for external invasion.

The team provided her with two formulas One to tonify her Yin and the other to clear the Damp Heat (bladder infection) in the Lower Burner. And she is now feeling GREAT!

We are so pleased that Molly has provided the PawHealer team with her picture. What a looker this girl is.....

Thank you Molly for trusting your privates to the Dr. Pink Pinkerton and The PawHealer.

Hi Dr. Pink Pinkerton and PawHealer, We are doing great, thank you! My only question is: Do I use up the entire first bottle of herbs, then use up the entire second bottle? Thank you, Kathy


Here is a picture of Molly. She thanks you!

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