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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Update On Peeks The Cat...

Dr. Pink and I received this update from Peeks family....We thought we would share it

Hi Holly,
Lesandre here - thanks you enquiring about Peeks, he appreciates it! :0)
Yes we started the herbs Thurs. night last week. He is getting 1/4 gram 3x a day and eating it just fine. We'll increase it to 1/2 gram 3x a day this coming Friday.
Re his appetite, Holly, he has been on the methimazole for 2 wks now and his constant demands for food have diminished, also he is sleeping more. (Before, he was always camped out in the kitchen waiting for more food.) So it's hard to tell what the TCM medicine is doing at this point, but our faith is with that and we want to get him off the mainstream meds by 3 months.

It's wonderful that your babies recovered with your formulas.
That's a great picture of you btw on your website

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