Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SUCCESS with Urinary Free Flow - Damp Heat

Our 4 year old male Miniature Poodle Benjy has been suffering for 6 months with bladder stones, even having had bladder surgery and eating Hill's Prescription Diet S/d food.  It just seemed like he needed to get the catheter more and more and it was becoming an every Friday afternoon thing every week for the past month or so ....  $$$$  We were becoming desperate!!

I found the other week and we registered.  I think Mark is the one who called me and asked questions about our dog and his medical symptoms, history, etc, and recommended Urinary Free the Flow - Damp Heat.  We ordered it Tuesday (3 bottles) and received it on Saturday at noon with the mail.

Benjy had just been catheterized on Friday afternoon so his urethra was free of sandy dissolved stones to start.  He has been straining and dribbling and walking stiff-legged and not completely emptying his bladder for months now, off and on.  We had to take him outside every hour or two so he could be free to dribble to empty his bladder as much as possible.
Saturday at noon we received the herbal medicine and gave him his Hills S/d diet with thin chicken stock and the Damp Heat added.  He was a bit hesitant about the new smell but he ate it (not a very fussy eater).  About an hour or so later I took him out and he peed for at least 2 or 3 minutes, completely emptying his bladder!!  No dribbling, just a very fast drip, almost a normal flow.

We've been feeding him twice daily with the Damp Heat added to the thin broth and Hill's S/d prescription diet and it just keeps improving each day!!  By Day 2 he was back to being his happy, bouncy self, smiling broadly when he urinated, like, "AAHHHHHHH!!!!!".  Tuesday was Day 4 and he peed a normal regular stream of urine and that has continued into today, Day 5.  He isn't needing to go outside as much and I don't see any dribbling at all anymore.

I can't tell you how relieved we are!!!!  We have our happy little boy back!!  He was becoming lethargic and depressed from his urinary problems and just not as playful.  Now he is his happy and joyful little self again!!!!

I will update you again in a few more days and let you know how he is doing.  Today is Wednesday, Day 5 and he is peeing a good free flowing stream of urine so I am pretty sure he won't need to be catheterized on Friday.

Last Friday when Benjy went to the Vet for catheterization I told them that I was going to be starting him on your Chinese herbal preparation and they were interested in knowing the outcome.  Maybe Dr. Wurzburg would be interested in selling some of your remedies when she sees how well they work.  Do you wholesale to veterinary clinics?

Thanks so much!!!!

Loretta and Deron and Benjy the Poodle

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