Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fans Of Dr. Pink Pinkerton!......

Dr. Pink has quite a big ego, and he asked that me (PawHealer) post these pictures of his fans.

This was such a nice thank you....But Mr. Pink is not into the thanks, he just likes to be adored...and gets quite a kick out of his admirers.

He says thanks to Nancy the owner of these three beautiful canines....Because Dr. Pink Pinkerton loves show off his friends!

Thanks Pawhealer, Skippy

Lots of xxxxxxx, Samual

Holly and Mark Rock! Andrew

No questions, I swear to god that they are acting like they feel better, even Sam, he still limps, but he's more playful. You are/were a god send in the park that day. I'm so excited to having healthy and happy dogs, and to be doing the right thing for them!

I am gradually taking Sam off of thyroid medicine and the meds for Skip's seizures, so I give them Holly's meds in the PM and their pills in the AM, but everything else as directed for pain, lumps and bumps etc....As soon as their pills are gone, they will only be on herbs, and I will take them in to check their levels after they finish your stuff. Sound good???

Thanks to God for you and Mark!!!

I'm talking you up here in Yuma, so hopefully some my friends will get it in their heads and call you. But as you know you have to be a believer in natural healing, but Lord knows I try!

Nancy Patterson BA, CPT, NFPT
Club Yuma Fitness Center, Director
31313 S. Winsor Ave.
928-341-4845 fax


Meet. Mr. Bradford....A Coughing Dog

Dr. Pink Pinkerton has been touched by Mr. Bradford's story. Mr. B. is a whopping 18 years young.....BOWSER says Dr. Pink Pinkerton, I want to be like Mr. Bradford and live forever!!!!!!

Here's Mr. Bradford's story;

The team (The PawHealer and Dr. Pink Pinkerton) received a call from a very distressed Walt, Mr. B's person. He was at the end of his rope and feared for Mr. Bradford, who has had a chronic cough for a long time, but now was in bad shape because the cough had for some unknown reason gotten to the point that Mr. B had to be hopped up on drugs just to not cough and to be able to breath.

Well....Walt is new to herbs, and Dr. Pink and I explained how the herbs worked....and he has trusted us enough to place an order for herbs to help with Mr. Bradford's cough.

But in the mean time, we told Walt to get Mr. B on a grain free diet because we felt that there was something actually triggering his coughing episodes and Dr. Pink and I KNOW that rice, wheat, oats, etc seem to be the root cause of many of these cases of coughing that we see much too often.

Two days later, Walt sent the team the following message;

Holly, so far your advice has made a huge difference! Since my dog began this unreal nonstop coughing 5 days ago he has eaten about 1/5 what he normally does. I bought chicken liver ( & ordered kidney ), sauteed it & he loved it...I couldn't believe it, he ate it as fast as he could. It's 9pm now & he isn't coughing. Normally by now I have sent him into outer space with sedation.

Thanks again!


Mr. B's coughing herbs are on the way...Dr. Pink Pinkerton will keep the blog posted how Mr. B does with his formula, but hopefully he won't need it!