Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You from Coal

Bob (Coal's owner) sent us this picture with this note;

Hi Holly,

Here is the picture of Coal. He is almost 13 years old which I understand is very old for that particular breed (Chow).

Thanks for helping me share more time with him.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Happy Bladder Stone Dog!

Here is another customer that let us know how her dog was doing. As I mentioned on yesterdays blog, we are going to report ALL outcomes. So far so good, all positive.

Now as far as bladder/kidney stones...remember the results may vary, although I have to say that they seem mostly favorable. The formula really depends on the size of the bladder obstructions...For crystals, its a no brainier, and it works wonderfully.

The bigger the stones the longer it takes and also if they are too big, successes will depend on this factor.

None the less, we continue to gather outcomes, and soon we can put it into actual percentages!

Hello ,

I have had the FLU for 3 weeks and have been unable to use my herbs for more than a week. Regarding my dog, the  herbs are wonderful. I go to a holistic vet and this product saved me from having another bladder stone surgery on my dog Chelsea. An x-ray was taken and her stones are gone. The first urinalysis indicated crystals and the second one indicated that she no longer has any crystals in her urine. I know give her a half a teaspoon mixed in organic pumpkin once a day in hopes of the crystals or stones to re occur. I still am amazed that these herbs worked!! I am thankful that I found your website.



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taffy's Coughing No More!

The PawHealer family loves these notes.

We are are excited because we have implemented what we call an "outcomes" system, and we are tracking every dog now and we will post the results as they come in...bad or good. Because unfortunately there are many sick dogs, and we don't get favorable results each and every time, but we sure do most of the time!

Soon we will be posting percentages for everyone's many dogs compeltely recovered, how many imprvoed significantly, how many must always take the formulas, and sadly how many were just so sick that they passed.

10/20 - 4:48 PM -
Hi Holly: I am very pleased to say that Taffy is doing great. She
received the formula's consistently for two weeks, than we reduced the
amount and gave it to her once a day, than every other day. She has now
been off it for about 5 or 6 days and is doing fine. No more coughing
and hacking. Taffy loved the cough syrup but wasn't too thrilled about
the other formula. So I put the power in a syringe and she had her
treat of cough syrup after, worked out great. Thanks for your help and
as soon as I great a chance I want to check out the people portion of
your web site. Oh, and thanks from Taffy too. Linda


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Customer from Florida

Pdiddy improving

Thanks for the inquiry. PDiddy is much better and the herbs worked wonderfully. I don't need to reorder at this time but will keep your site handy for future needs.

I appreciate the concern and think your company is the best!

Kind Regards - Margery & PDiddy(the pomeranian)