Saturday, October 30, 2010

Empirical Heat Tonic; A customers story....

 A note to readers....Although this is a great story, I do not recommend that anyone stop any medications unless under the supervision of the Doc! First it is professional courtesy, second the doctor should always be monitoring the dog....especially with a heart condition. I strongly believe that western medicine and eastern medicine can be worked together, and neither has to be excluded. Herbs are simply an addition to the tool box, not meant to exclude medicine. 

That being said, I am always happy to hear about a happy customer and happy dog.....

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you do!!!
I thought my Lucky was dying the day I received my order from you. I
was wondering if I'd be able to return the unused products. He made it
through the night and the next morning I started your products. It's
been a miracle ever since. His coughing has almost gone away. When he
does cough it's much more mild. AGAIN - THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.
I feel I could stop the Vetmedin. I've already stopped the Lasix with
no problem at all. I've read that if one is to stop Vetmedin to wean
them off as to not cause a toxic overload in the body. (I don't
understand that). So, I've gone from 1/2 tab 2x a day to 1/2 every 36
hours and he's fine. I'm wondering how soon I can stop them altogether
or, could I deep with this regimen without damaging his kidneys and
liver. (his #'s are good. He's 16 years old. My regular vet of course
doesn't understand this all so, if you could just tell me what your
experience with other people has been, I'd sure appreciate it.

Patricia W

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