Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friends of PawHealer.....ADORABLE

Here we are two rescued retired racing Greyhounds.
Mitch came from a horrible race track in FL where he was very abused. He is our soulful, Zen boy and best watch dog in the world. 
Mitch is having a bout with kidney problems. He will be 10 in October.
Kalouha came from a race track in Wisconsin where she was treated much better than Mitch had been. She is our happy go lucky girl who must always have a toy a.k.a. "baby" in her mouth.
Kalouha was just diagnosed with bone cancer. She will be 10 in July.
Thanks for all your care, help and comfort,
Carol, Ben, Mitch & Kalouha

 A photo of Mitch

Mitch is using herbs to tonify the Kidneys and is doing great!

Pic of Kahouha and baby 

Mitch and Kahouha

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