Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello Holly, Mark, Sebastian – and all of my friends at PawHealer,

Happy New Year!!  I hope that all of you and yours had wonderful holidays and that all is well with you.  It has been a long time since we’ve spoken – all of my babies are doing so well!!!  Angus, my 14 ½ year old Maltese, had been licking at his groin area a lot, the tip of his “pinkie” was out and looked uncomfortable – I found a couple of long hairs in his sheath and removed them and have been lubricating it which helped a bit - I decided to give him the Stonezyme that I had purchased for Banjo a while back - and in five days he is perfect!!  So I called to say hi and ask your thoughts about it and order another bottle yesterday but you haven’t had a chance to call back - I am sure that you are so very busy so I just placed an order online.  Mark, if you have a chance, do give me a call sometime: 310-404-5665.  It would be so nice to hear your voice!!  =)

Photos of my three boys, Angus, Dinger and Banjo are attached.  We all send our love!!!  Thank you for all that you do – you truly are wonderful.


Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

We offer our customers a $10 coupon for responding to our request for product experiences. It's our thanks to them for taking the time to do the work of writing the e mail and sending the picture. They use the coupon on their following order.

PawHealer® does not sell products that will cure or prevent diseases...Our products are based on the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine..Yin/Yang/Qi and Blood. So do not assume our products will cure any disease But what we will do is Clear Heat! Tonify Blood! Move Qi...that's what we do...

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