Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sampsons Trachea and Enlarged Heart Story...

This is Sampson a 12 year old Shiz Tzu, my friend and business partner for
over 12 years. He's been through a lot in the last few years a auto accident
just over 4 years, then told that his little heart has enlarged just over a
year ago, in Dec. 2008 the house he knew burnt to the ground. The worst came
in February 2009 being told that he was dying because his trachea
collapsing, and three unknown tumors in his lungs. He wasn't ready to give
up on life, so he had me research about the trachea collapsing and maybe a
way to help him continue on.

We located pawhealer on the net and the email went to ask for any help. He
went on the "honey cough syrup" and the "Empirical Hound Heart Tonic"
modified for Cough. Sampson couldn't walk far without that dry cough taking
him to a dead stop and gagging for air. It's been over a month and Sampson
is acting like his little self, he's in charge at the gun shows we do
together and full of energy. He still gets a cough now and then but he
chases the wild cottontail when he sees one. He's go on a new formula of
herbs this coming week and we'll see how he does, I'm happy that his doing
so good.

I'm hoping that on the 30th of May 2009 we'll enjoy his 13th birthday and in
July we'll celebrate him doing gun shows with me here in Montana for 13

The second picture is his expression after he was asked if he planned that
by kicking me would cause me to roll out of bed and onto the floor because
he didn't get his way. Sampson is extremely important.

Larry R. M

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