Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet Journey ...A Happy Bladder Stone Story

This is one of the favorite PawHealer stories that's been received to date. The reason that I love this story so much is that Carol actually WORKED at helping Journey. She was patient, she worked on his diet, gave the herbs daily without fail, did not expect miracles.....and it did the job. I love the fact the fact that she also did this in conjunction with Journey's doctor...a team effort to say the least.

Carol....the PawHealer team thanks you so's stories like yours that make it all worth while!

"Bob and Carol (Add as Preferred Sender) ?
Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2009 1:29 pm
To: "Pawhealer Chinese Herbs"

Thanks so much for all your help with my boys Bladder Stone Problems.
Without your herbs, he would have had to have surgery, and the problem would
probably have re-occured. Here's what happened.

In Oct. 2008 I rushed my show/obedience/agility 3 year old Giant Schnauzer
to the vet because he was lethargic, not eating and could not urinate. He
would lift his leg, but nothing came out. After a full exam with ultra
sound and xrays, he was diagnosed with bladder stones. His bladder was more
than 1/2 filled with stones. The vet said that he required surgery, but I
wasn't allowing that. I felt there had to be a better way. We catheterized
him to relieve the pressure and empty his bladder. After several attempts
we finally got the catheter past the site where the stones had settled in
the urethra to form a complete blockage. We also were able to collect a lot
of the lodged stones and found ( after analysis ) that he had both struvite
and crystal stones. My vet wanted me to put him on a prescription diet and
monitor him. But, h can't eat the "Prescription Diet" for stones because he
is allergic to glutens/grains. So, the only thing we could do was put him
on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. The vet had very little
confidence that this would solve the problem. When I got him outside he
was still straining to urinate and then going( if you want to call a drip
every 3 seconds urinating) every 10-15 min. It was so sad. As soon as I
returned home I called Holly at Pawhealer and explained the situation. She
immediately prepared a formula and sent it out "overnight" to me. She
explained that this was a work in progress and it might take as long as 4-6
months. I didn't have a problem with that, as long as we could fix it. I
started using her formula the very next day. So , the only thing working
for him were the Pawhealer Chinese herbs and my prayers. ( Actually, these
were probably the two best things available.)

Every month,when I was near the end of the herbs, I would call Pawhealer and
re order the stone formula which Holly would change slightly to address any
new situation with the stones. She would sometimes send another formula to
help with the recovery process. As the healing progressed, he went from,
drops of urine, to dribbling urine, to small streams. Throughout this
time, there would occasionally be blood in his urine and he would drip (
bright red) blood from his urethra. The vet said that he was most likely
passing stones when this happened. The stones were aggravating the urethra
and causing it to bleed.

We monitored his progress with ulta sounds and x-rays and found that the
stones were indeed dissolving. Each x-ray/ultra sound showed his bladder
having less stones. He was able to urinate a little better each week and now
he is almost completely free of stones and is healing beautifully. After 5
months we have returned to our training classes and are showing again. It
may sound strange, but you can't imagine how happy I am to be able to say
that my dog can urinate without any trouble. He acts healthy and happy
and back to his old self. One more round of herbs and I'm sure that we will
be completely normal. I plan on keeping him on a maintenance dosage, so this
never happens again. The Chinese Herbs were the only thing that I did for my
boy in order to eliminated the stones. If your dog is having a health
problem...I would highly recommend you try Pawhealer Chinese Herbs.

Carol O.
Clinton Township, Mich.


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