Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yoga Girl - Lily Doing her Morning Stretches! - - - - Crystal and Stone Free!

This is Lily, our 9 yr. old beagle, practicing her Yoga after her morning walk.  Lily was diagnosed with a severe bladder infection a year ago.  An ultra sound revealed bladder stones.  She had surgery to remove the stones, which proved to be "layered", in October.  Because of her food allergies, she was put on 3 or 4 different prescription diets and was unable to tolerate any of them.  Finally, I convinced the vet she should be back on her grain free kibble. But by February, the crystals were back in her urine.  That's when I learned of Paw Healer.  We put Lily on Stone Support formula about mid Feb.  At first she didn't want to eat it at the recommended dose.  So I cut it back to just a little mixed in her kibble with plain chicken broth.  This worked much better, but she would still leave a little in the dish.  When this happened, I would add some more broth and she would clean it right up.   Slowly we increased the amount we were feeding her to the correct dose.  And, by March 1 the crystals were gone!!  She just had another urinalysis today and is still stone free and infection free. 
Thank you so much for getting Lily healthy again. 


Stories like this drive us to work every day, as we know we can do it, but the positive feedback makes it that much more rewarding! Sometimes it takes a little effort (and some Yoga!) to obtain the desired results!!  PawHealer Team Rocks!

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