Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wileys Story; A Blind Dog Finding His Way!

Wiley's Story:
     This is Wiley, my 16 year old Silky Terrier.  Back in March 2009, when Wiley was almost 15, blood tests and ultrasound revealed several health issues, including tumors in his organs, and I was told that he may only have a couple of months.  But after a change in diet and medication, he seemed to be doing just fine.  Then in November 2009, he got an eye infection which lead to an ulcer.  Unfortunately, that was his good eye, as his other was already blinded by a cataract.  Amazingly unfazed by blindness ( I think he thinks that everyone cannot see either), I searched the internet for information on how to help a blind dog.  I found a website:  This was awesome!  As you can see from the pictures, it is a little 'vest" equipped with a hoop, that serves as a "blind man's cane".  He now trucks around, fearlessly, using this hoop as his guide. 
     BUT, soon after, his veterinary opthamologist, began treating him for what she thought was glaucoma.  The pressure behind his right eye was off the charts, and he was not responding to the powerful and expensive medications.  With Wiley's history of tumors (inside and outside), the doctor believed he may have a tumor behind his eye, causing the pressure.  I was told that the pressure was surely causing great pain and that surgery was the only alternative (no guarantees)  This was not acceptable and I vowed not to put my sweet Wiley through any more stress and pain. 
     Wiley was not displaying any obvious signs of pain, except that he slept a lot and his energy was low, and he would sometimes not want to eat (normally he is a chow-hound).  There had to be some kind of alternative, so I searched the internet once again.  I found Paw Healers and I spoke to Mark regarding Wiley's tumors.  A few days later I received the herbs and began giving Wiley the recommended dosage.  Within days, Wiley just perked up.  I don't know how else to describe it, but, he is his old self again.  My spunky, tail-wagging, chow-hound was back!
     Since he can't fake it, he must be feeling much better!  He is "talking" a lot more now too.  Barking just to say "hey, I'm here...yay!"
     THANK YOU, Mark and Paw Healers!!!!

So what Chinese herbs did we use? Much different thinking than the "tumor" theory of western medicine...   

Here is the TCM pattern that was noted: phlegm damp accumulation forming nodules and
Liver heat harassing the eyes.

Chinese herbs don't help with western diseases, they only work when formulated for the pattern of the disharmony....We keep telling people this but a hard concept to understand.

A wonderful person Wiley's owner is and a great inspirational story!


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