Friday, November 19, 2010

Wary Max.....Now Happy Maximus.....

 Here are a couple of photos. In the seashell,  Pinky is the chihuahua with Max. The other photo was when Maximus didn't feel that well.

Max was diagnosed with tracheal prolapse. He's a 10-year-old Yorkie, and his breathing was labored and loud, exacerbated by the weather here in Florida.  Even a small walk left him winded.

Dealing with the ordinary vetinary establishment left me feeling angry and powerless. It seemed as if my only option was an iffy surgery for $6200.00!!!

So I started to do a little research and came up with PawHealer. While I have never had the opportunity to endorse anything, this time I really must compliment the company. Compassionate and excited about what they do, in the three months since Max has been on their regime he seems to have bounded back (yes!) from the barely breathing. He has an energy he didn't have since he was a small pup. He comes to work with me where there are two other dogs, and he runs around with them and barks at passers-by! Everyone at work says he seems like a new dog!

So, thank you again. 

Harriet Rothauser
Artist, Manager, Executive
Friend, Daughter, Mother

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