Friday, November 19, 2010

Tammy Didn't Count Niko Out!

This is  a great story. Hind leg weakness is really tough to deal with at all levels. Tammy tells her story, and what I really appreciated, is that she understood the idea of "deficiency". In other words, once an external invasion, or internal excess or deficiency, takes it toll..she is right. Things are just not the same..BUT, that does not mean its not worth getting back 75%!!!

Our culture is so "magic bullet" oriented. People will throw the baby out with the bath water if they feel there is no cure...Well, Niko is a good example of why we keep trying to always find that key....

  Last October my Niko, part Bernese Mountain and Collie, fell in our back yard while playing and damaged 3 of his disc in his back.  When we brought him to the vet they told us he would never walk again.  All four of his legs stopped working and he wasn't able to pee on his own.  Because he was 12 years old he had a good long life the best thing to do for him and for us was to put him down.  The doctors said due to Niko's size he was going to be hard to move and care for.  But after looking into those beautiful brown eyes I saw that he had a fighting spirit and wasn't ready to go.  We took him home and I immediately started doing research.  Most of the places I contacted said there was no hope for him, but I wouldn't accept that.  Within 3 days of bringing him home from the vet we contacted and Holly put together a herbal mixture to sprinkle in his food and pills for us.  We also started him on Aqua Therapy with Rema at which I believe was also an essential part of his recovery.  She really took the time to stretch out the muscles and keep them from freezing up permanently. We feed him only bland human food and a few sessions of acupuncture.  In about 2 weeks he starting moving his legs again and within 2-2 1/2 months he was walking and peeing on his own.  His legs weren't strong but we had witnessed a miracle.  Our dog whom we were told would never walk again was!  He has built his strength and now walks very well.  He will never be 100% but we are so glad we took the time to give him the love and help he needed.  For he has given us many years of love and protection, how could we not go the extra step?  Tammy Harris - Tacoma, WA
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