Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ceaser's recovery from seizures

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7/20/2011,Member of pawhealer & family,if u will.As to my knowledge when u ask 4 help w/ur pet child, literly at their mercy after all vet exams, multiple vets,& feel so still not sure & answerless to all those peps.& sme1 does come along & help w/simple herbs,, herbs? Yes simple herbs smehow they do bcome fam.!!bcause all others just seem 2 b out 4 money$$,I mean lots of it omg!!Is anybody real out there anymore??Well yes holly,Mark is which the 1 i have conected w/has been real person & familyish.I have seen results imediatly i started him on calm & compose 4 seizures.I took him off pheno.Bcause seizure were contining,so there for bromo. had 2 be added & a list of tests as well.I said oh no.!!My mommy in stincts kicked in survival mode & follwd my inner gut feeling,aythng,else,no pharma. meds. this w/finish him off first.So i follewd,my gut god,herbs & i was evn going 2 take him 2 church.I was not done yet.I was not going 2 put him down that was out of questn!!!I strived & here i am to let all u who r reading this do not give up.Its a huge task but i was in defensive & tackle mode.Many nights got only 1 or2 or as much as i could sleep just to b aware of his breathng & if i had to save his life which i did countless night.I gave him cpr as many as 5.6.7.or mayb 8 times a day.Yes it was very stressfull & many times i was out of life to continue,but 1once i got my second wind i was up at it for 3mnths.I needed a stretcher instead of him,mr ceasar that is,my bt dog.once i filled out help survey & explaind problem on ph# w/MARK ,he gave me hope,& faith has to go w/it.!!!Like magic OMG,our gaurdian angels ,pawhealers w/wings.OMG THNKS thanks,thnks,to all who bleive in dog luv & all breathng beings.They r people too.It worked.!!Now we r restd,& tackling othr minor issues,like,allergys which ive always suspected was the culprit of chronic seizures,paw licking,little rashes here & there which is minor compared to having him limp in my arms & screamin ceasr plz don't leave me & immdtly gave cpr & did this for god knows how long.I was tramatized!I never left him alone w/out suppervision when i had to go to market or pay bills.Nevr left him alone not absolutly 1 sec. ungaurded & taught my sons cpr.Calld hme constantly thats how bad my situation was.SEVERE,no 1 evr knew,only my kids & i.Now i orderd more thngs for allergys,glusose help as well,& breathng issues.He now is soooo much bettr thnks to pawhealers.can't thnk them enough.Thnks mark & 2 all healers who saved our health & life,bye 4 now.Always blieve& nevr give up. To my gauaedian ANGELS,PAW HEALERS,sincrly,wanda & ceasar .Will keep u postd,slong.!!!
By ceasar& mom orraca on Jul 20, 2011
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