Friday, April 29, 2011

Cooking Whole Chicken For Your Dog!!!!

Here's our first video.....a little long, we'll get better at this...however it does help people see how we do things...Pinky, Daisy, Lily and Bad Dog Chico Martini....all live on food like this. We don't have any veterinarian bills, or do we use flea or tick products.

We go at things in a different direction, which is we like to promote the natural immune system, which is not embedded in our western culture, but it is in the Traditional Chinese medicine way of thinking. 
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skeeter0757 said...

I have always heard that chicken bones splinter and cause problems??? How long have you been feeding cooked whole chickens? And what else do you feed them to round out their diets??? Vitamins? Supplements? Cooked eggs? Slightly cooked veggies? Do you add greens? How about oils like high end flax or fish oils? Or Probiotics???? Homemade foods are said to be lacking in vitamin B's causing skin problems??? I would love to feed just a cooked chicken...I have three 95lb rescues...One is part husky, and huskies don't absorb zinc well, and one is allergic to 195 of 296 things she was tested for, from a homeopathic practitioner...I have a combination $5000.00 vet/homeopath bill from skin problems and I have been pulling my hair out trying to find the right combinations of foods, supplements, vitamins, and fats for them...I am also struggling with what are hard masses in my husky again,and have reordered the cancer supplement PHV...It helped once before and I am hoping it will help him again...I have just read on a sight that these are fatty tumors from to much grain???? And Chinese herbs break them up...I pray that is what they are...Even though one of the foods I feed is grain free, the other has tons of herbs, and probiotics...Taste of the wild,....and Precise holistic....If you have any suggestions I am open for any help as these guys are the loves of my life....Thanks-you in advance Jane T.

Pawhealer said...

raw or boiled chicken bones...I always have to do you think coyotes and wolves eat? The dog food industry has done a good job convincing us we can't understand how to feed a dog...geeze, and they tell us that bagged food is the best...come on now...does that make sense? Do you think dried out food would be better than bagged food? No way! Good whole table scraps (no junk) are great for dogs. Fresh food is best

Patty said...

I think the questions posted by skeeter0757 were all good questions......however, I'm disappointed that pawhealer avoided answering each question and certainly did not address the chicken bone question to my satisfaction. I have all of the same questions skeeter0757 asked and am particularly interested in feeding dogs chicken bones.

Additionally, if this is representative of the types of foods you feed your dogs, how come you aren't more forthcoming with recipes on your website for other homemade meals other than a whole chicken. Where's the vegetables???? Where's the red meat????? Where's the fish?????

Unknown said...

Bones that are baked (causing dryness) cause splintering. I think I was abundantly clear that I have no fear of bones. I watch my 4 dogs eat them 7 days a week.

I just made one video, because it takes alot of time. On our blog and facebook is discussed everywhere.

I do this as a courtesy, since people always ask what I do.I never feed my dogs vegetables...and I give them all kinds of meat including liver, heart, tripe, gizzards, kidney. I feed my dogs the whole animals of whatever they are eating.

Bone appetite!

Holly (PawHealer)