Monday, June 17, 2013

Paco Uses Herbs To Manage His Heart....

Thanks fo Peggy C of PA for telling us her story about Paco...

"this is my second testimonial for Paco in regards to using the heart tonics for his CHF and collapsed trach. He is continuing to thrive.Is playing like a pup at times. Energy has much improved. coughing is at a bare minium.he was a rescue adoption over a year ago, pomeranian-Thank u Pawhealers for your tonics that defiently seem to have made a sick dog much healthier. He continues on the enapril along with tonics. sincerely his mom peggyc"

Paco is using PawHealer's Heart Support  along with her vet prescribed Enapril. Many people don't udnerstand that long as the Doc is made well togeher. In many instances the herbal formula will help to offset the negative side effects of much needed medications.

The function of Heart Support formula is to help move the blood, tonfiy Heart Yang, so as to transform fluids to relieve coughing.

Thanks for sharing Peggy!

Holly Mead
Licensed Acupunturist/Clinical Herbalist for Pets and People

Friday, June 14, 2013

Chipi's Bladder Stone Story

This story was given to us by Ana ot of Woodlands, TX. Her dog Chippi has used Uniniary Free The Flow for her dog's bladder stones.

"Last year around this same time I took Chipi, my 5 yr. old dachshund to the vet because she was piing blood, they found 3 bladder stones a bit smaller than a dime, the vet told methat the only alternative was surgery with the possibility that she would have them again. He also mentioned there that some people try the "natural" approach but in reality doesn't work. This gave me the clue to start looking for another alternative because I was not about to spend $3,000 without any guarantee that she would not get them again. So I found Paw Healer online and left my question there, the very next day they called me! the gentleman was so convinced that the product works that assured me that she would be fine. It took 2 treatments but by September she was cured, he did tell me that they tend to return and that I should give her another product (which I didn't) as maintenance. She is having problems again, not as bad as before, so I am going to start her on Urinary Free The Flow again, and as soon as she is healthy, this time, I sure will give her the other product, I will call and ask which one it is. I just wanted to thank you, because your product works and I am sure it will work again, I have told good things about it every time I get a chance to share Chipi's story."

So, the bottom line, is like most dogs who develop bladder stones...I wonder what Chippi is being fed...although we have a product called Stonezyme to help prevent the return on the stones, I strongly believe that lifestyle choices..which is the food the dog eats and regular exercise, will make the difference...

Thanks to Ana for sharing...I will be in touch with her to talk about those changes.

Holly (Licensed Acupuncturist/Clinical Herbalist for Pets &People)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sammy Is Happy With Dissolve; Lumps Improving

"My sweet Sammy developed a fatty lump several years ago. I chose not to operate and it continued to grow slowly. It is below his chest and did not seem to bother him much until several months ago. It was hard for him to get around and he just seemed sad. I could also feel the beginning of another one under his arm.He is 10 and has always had a hip issue. After researching I found Paw Healers and started him on the dissolve. Almost immediately, he seemed to be happier and very quickly was able to get around better. It seemed to help his leg also. His lump is very large, but has gotten smaller and the shape is changing. It does not bother him nearly as much. It seems lighter and softer. The change is not dramatic, but I would not want it to be. Again- it is very large and it took years to get that large. I am THRILLED that he feels better. He is now on a grain free diet (shame on me for not knowing what less healthy food was doing to my baby). Customer service is excellent and I am happy with the results of dissolve."

Thanks to Summer from Hartsville, SC for posting this....

Canine fatty lumps, also known as lipomas, improve with a myrid of approces...First and foremost is to clean up the diet. The bare minimum is a menu free of grains...I advocate feeding fresh food, because simply, its not processed. Think about it...what would your own body look like if you just ate food out of a bag or box? You  would be lumpy yourself! Secondly, more exercise, a walk everyday...think what your body would look like if you were eating bagged pocessed food, and sitting around the house sleeping all day! And finally, a good herbal formula such as DISSOLVE to help...and you have the key to success.....

Thanks again to Summer and Sammy!

Holly (Licensed Acupunturist and Clincial Herbalist for Pets and People)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bladder Stone Success!

Maeli has been on 4 capsules a day for about a year after a life time of operations and problems with bladder stones that are a mix of oxilate and struvite. I think your herbs are saving her! My question: at the moment she gets 2 blood stagnation + 2 stonezyme daily. I need a new order. should I vary the mix? and should I take a week off?

My response to this would be to check with what food Maeli is receiving, I always recommend fresh food cooking....then I would suggest Urinary Free The Flow for Basic Formula and lower dosages for long term use....I would also suggest that Maeli receive a lot of chicken broth in order to take in more water....

Holly  Licensed Acupuncturist/ Clinical Herbalist (for pets and people)

Angus Doing Better...No More Collapsed Trachea Cough!

This is Angus.He is one of my 11 year twin Maltese brothers. He was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea about 3 years ago. There was no medication prescribed. As time went on the cough has gotten worse to include throwing up with thick mucous.Angus has now been on the formula for collapse trachea for about 2 1/2 months and I can hardly believe the improvement. It took a good week(giving 3 times a day) to get it under control.I mean, I don't recall the last coughing "fit" he has had now :). It would break my heart when he was having that honking cough and throwing up. He would look up at me as if to say, "help me momma, I don't want to keep doing this." Those dark brown eye's looked so sad. I stumbled across Pawhealers while searching for natural help. I am so very glad I did. Thank you Pawhealer!! Patty Jones Wesdington NC                            

Thanks for Patricia for sharing. I would like to point out...that "collapsed trachea" is the western diagnosis. Traditional Chinese medicine does not recognize this name. The chief compliant for Angus, in the terms of Chinese herbal "coughing"....all coughing is a result of phlegm accumulation. Most little dogs that have this type of condition, fall under our Empirical Lung Qi Support: for  Phlegm-Heat formula 

For coughing of all types....the patterns for all western diseases vary...depending on the type of phlegm, as well as a condition called blood stagnation. Furthermore, sometimes a pet does not follow into any of these patterns, and when this happens we customize formulas to fit the situtation.

I know its confusing, however the complexity of the Chinese herbal remedies, provides a much bigger toolbox for the pet owner. If one does not work, then another many...Always remember, that unfortunately herbs don't work in every instance....but I have to say, that our herbal formulas for dogs that cough for all types of reasons...really does them to manage their coughs.

Holly L.Ac/Clinical Herbalist