Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sammy Is Happy With Dissolve; Lumps Improving

"My sweet Sammy developed a fatty lump several years ago. I chose not to operate and it continued to grow slowly. It is below his chest and did not seem to bother him much until several months ago. It was hard for him to get around and he just seemed sad. I could also feel the beginning of another one under his arm.He is 10 and has always had a hip issue. After researching I found Paw Healers and started him on the dissolve. Almost immediately, he seemed to be happier and very quickly was able to get around better. It seemed to help his leg also. His lump is very large, but has gotten smaller and the shape is changing. It does not bother him nearly as much. It seems lighter and softer. The change is not dramatic, but I would not want it to be. Again- it is very large and it took years to get that large. I am THRILLED that he feels better. He is now on a grain free diet (shame on me for not knowing what less healthy food was doing to my baby). Customer service is excellent and I am happy with the results of dissolve."

Thanks to Summer from Hartsville, SC for posting this....

Canine fatty lumps, also known as lipomas, improve with a myrid of approces...First and foremost is to clean up the diet. The bare minimum is a menu free of grains...I advocate feeding fresh food, because simply, its not processed. Think about it...what would your own body look like if you just ate food out of a bag or box? You  would be lumpy yourself! Secondly, more exercise, a walk everyday...think what your body would look like if you were eating bagged pocessed food, and sitting around the house sleeping all day! And finally, a good herbal formula such as DISSOLVE to help...and you have the key to success.....

Thanks again to Summer and Sammy!

Holly (Licensed Acupunturist and Clincial Herbalist for Pets and People)

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