Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Story Of Beau and Bladder Stones...OUCH!

Dr. Pinky Pinkerton (herbalist extraordinaries and the handsome host of the blog, his picture is up there on the header) received this inquiry;

Dear Admin,

There is a request posted by julie

Detail Are

First Name julie
Last Name julie
Address Fortier
Email Address
Subject kidney stones
Phone No 413245
Best Time to Call morning
Details i have a6yr old bishon that keeps developing kidney stones.what can i give him right know he has 10 stones!!!!the stones are calcium oxolite calculi

Here's the story and this is one of Dr. Pink Pinkerton's very favorites.

Jean's daughter in law made contact with the team. She told us about her mother-in-law's dog, and it was a very sad story.

Beau had had two previous surgeries both for bladder and kidney stones. Each time they took out 5 to 10 stones.....Jean had paid a hefty price for the surgeries.

Jean is a retired nurse and lives on a fixed income....and guess what happened....not 5 months later, Beau had thrown stones again and was bleeding when peeing and he was in so much pain that he would growl when Jean would touch his abdomen.

Poor Beau.....the vet was wanting to do a third surgery. Jeans daughter in law asked that we call Jean....and the team did.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I assured Jean that our Chinese herbs for kidney stones would do the trick and Beau would be fine.....Rest assured!

We know that Jean was reluctant at first...but she was desperate, and could not afford a surgery that was being quoted at $5000...ouch.

The team rushed out Beau's order.....guess what...

The team spoke with Jean 10 days later and Beau was out of pain and peeing more normal without blood.

Since then, Beau has been doing great. This Monday Jean goes into have Beau's bladder imaged to see how much the stones have dissolved.

She is confident they are gone....

Jean is a very happy customer. We will keep the blog posted about his results.

Good luck Mr. Beau Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I have our fingers, tail and toes crossed.

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Unknown said...

Dr. Pink wanted to update the blog about Beau's progress. He had his x-ray.

The stones are still there, but the Vet can't figure out how Beau is able to pee without a problem.

Jean (Beau's person) is keeping up the herbs. We instructed her that the time length was really too short, and to not worry, that since Beau is doing fine, the stones are working their way out.

Dr. Pink will update as soon as he knows more.