Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Nikita...A Big Hearted Dog

What a great dog story! It just makes my heart hurt to read about these two dog friends.....Nikita and Buddy....

I want to make a comment on Nikita's initial response to the herbs...Chinese Medicine acknowledges a pathogenic substance called "phlegm". This substance can lodge in the channels, it can mist the mind, and even lodge into the heart....I think that when Nikita took the herbs...the herbs moved the herbs out, and this was what was causing the problems all along.

Anyway...What a great family...enjoy the read..I did.

aka Pawhealer

Hello Mark and Holly,

Mark asked me to send pictures of our dogs. The big black collie is the dog you are helping with the herbs. And thank goodness you are around to take care of us dog lovers. My black dog is Nikita, and she is a 13 year old mostly border collie mix.

She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was coughing and panting a lot. Thankfully we found you guys and received the herbs and the heart cough medicine. The first nite I thought i gave her too much herbs because she had a bad nite. She wet the floor and threw-up really bad, she also acted a little drunk. I was really worried and afraid I had made her worse. By the next day she was better and has been getting better every day. Her cough is much more manageable and even chased the neighbors cat last nite, which I thought she would never do again. She is still sick, but much more comfortable than I thought she would ever be. I love the medicine and only hope to keep making her more comfortable every day.

As I write this she is on the sofa with me and not coughing at all.

The other picture of my smaller dog Buddy who seems to be feeling fine is our adopted dog. One morning at 3 a.m. I let nikita out to go potty, and I thought only one dog would return. Instead two dogs came in the house. The next two weeks we spent a lot of time trying to find his home, unable to do so. We figured someone threw him out because he's a little funny looking :) As it turns out, Buddy worships the ground Nikita walks on. She is the mom and she is in charge. He stays within feet of her 24/7. Also she has loved him in return, washes his face daily and keeps constant figile as to his whereabouts. They are quite the crew and totally completes our family. We are blessed to become grandparents for the first time in July, and I am sure they will receive the new member of the family in fine style because they don't have a mean bone in their body.ha ha!!!

Thank you again for all your help. Your positive attitude that I can hear thru the phone, just encourages me toknow that they will be healthy for as long as the good Lord allows. You guys are the best. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Friend in Ohio jane

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