Saturday, August 15, 2009

Komodo's Cusingings (Yin Deficiency)

Komodo had been suffering from Cushing Syndrome. We, as chinese herbalists, are not afraid of the big and technical names of western medical disease. We strictly follow the signs and symptoms like detectives to determine the real root cause of the disharmony. From one disease, there are so many causative factors, therefore very flexible herbal formulation have to be made for each case. Cookie cutter style herbal formulation would not work for all cases!

Hi Mark and Holly,
Just wanted to let you know the Bug Off works great. The boys do not have any ticks on them. I was using Advantage and had ticks all over them. It has been the worst year for them. Since using Bug Off, no more ticks. Komodo is doing great. We had a vet appointment today and the vet could not believe how great he looked. Thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it.
Take care,
Michele Tripp
Warren, Massachusetts


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