Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unhappy Customer....Hates Return Policy

Pawhealer has a policy that we cannot accept open containers for return....we will accept all returns for non open a result it angers some customers...such as the following; this customer claims that the wheat grass made her dog you can matter what we say...people will threat, curse...and brutalize us no matter our policy....

This customer is speaking about the nutritionals that she bought which was the Wheat Grass and PET GO product...Formulated by Dr Russel Swift DMV who is very well known and a big advocate of a natural canine diet ....Whole Foods...there are no medicines in this product...IT IS FOOD....

"i bought 3 products the treats in said liver not sure how much liver they are in but will send to a lab to find out my guess they are not in liver at all.. when i was told about the said treats the person said my dog would love them and could be used as a treat he didn't eat it like a treat he did eat it only after it was hidden in his food. My dog doesn't like treats that look and smell like medicine. I also bout the green powder. "

"not a threat just telling you what I plan to do. I will call the bbb tell my credit card company and start a blog let as many people i can about how sick your products made my dog and that you would not take the products back."

"you can put whatever you wish on your blog I will also start my own and make everyone on my yorkie page know what your products did to my dog. If a medicine makes my dog sick or he has a reaction to it my vet will take it back,, same with any reputable company, seems you are not one of them"

The green powder is Wheat Grass....The Liver is PET GO.....which is a concentration of all the glands and organs of the bovine....

"he is ok now thanks its def not the honey he even likes that. I gave him one of the treats and the green powder he threw up about 5 times and could not hold down water or food he became dehrdrated and needed to go to the vet for some fluids they kept him over night to monitor vet said he cant say it was the herbs for sure but most likely was from that since he got sick soon after and never had that problem before. Not sure the honey will help him without the other things but he surer does love it he has his own box of plastic throw away spoons and he licks it right off and is looking for more


Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

We offer our customers a $10 coupon for responding to our request for product experiences. It's our thanks to them for taking the time to do the work of writing the e mail and sending the picture. They use the coupon on their following order.

We sell traditional Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, and pet products. We do not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine, veterinary surgery, or veterinary dentistry in any of its branches. We do not diagnose, prescribe, or administer any drug, medicine, appliance, application, or treatment for the prevention, cure, or relief of a wound, fracture, bodily injury, or disease of animals. We do not perform any surgical or dental operation upon any animal. We do not perform any manual procedure for the diagnosis of pregnancy, sterility, or infertility upon livestock Equidae.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local veterinarian. Instead, these testimonials offer the reader information and opinions written by pet owners concerning animal health and products that they have used.

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