Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet Joe; Following Heartwrom Progress

 This is Joe....Here is what he is doing per an e mail he sent in response to us following dogs using herbs for worms.......He is working with his vet on the following program: Please note that we always want your dogs vet involved to monitor progress!!! We appreciate it, they appreciate...and we all make sure the dog is making progress....Your dog's well being is of top notch importance in all instances.

"I combined the herbs with a daily treatment of 10mg/kilo BW of Doxcycline plus once weekly Heartguard Plus.  He had about 3 plus weeks of the herb with the weekends clear.  Plan is to get him a blood test in about two weeks.  His Heartworm issue was class visbile signs.

The doxy and Heartworm is patterned after a slow kill program that seems to work.

He's been off the herb for about a week.  Sorry...but I won't force him to eat the I am looking for the capsules as an alternative.  He rejected the herb in broth, canned food and yogurt...all his favorites."

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