Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Hind Leg Weakness Outcome Using Chinese Herbs!

Greetings Mark!

Update on Mars:  On day one Mar's looked to be in shock somewhat while at the vets, gums and ears very pallid even the white coat vet noticed that, he had no reflex response in left hind leg, and very little response in right hind leg, he could not stand or even sit by himself, just collapsing to the floor, he had a fever of 104.3F, urine was a dark brown and very strong smelling, overall he looked to be on his last stand, vet could not straighten his legs etc, vet gave Rimadyl and Amoxi' at my request, as I wanted to make sure the infection was gone, this was the first time in 13years Mars had any pharmaceuticals, since I knew some of this was coming from cystitus/UTI/poss' renal infection....he was really messed up and for the first time in his life. Mars is a 13 y.o. Performance American Bulldog, never been sick or injured, and if he was 100% right now could easily pull you with his pulling harness for miles, just trotting happily around.

Well after 4 days of solid administration of your custom Hind Leg Weakness Formula, Empirical Anagesic, and Cat's Claw/Devil's Claw Formula, as well as being this was so severe I added a couple things to create a full on Cosmic Heath Recovery Blitzkrieg, and added, a Procaine supplement called Vital Pet Plus , an improved formulation over Ana Aslan original GH3 formula (Awesome and safe highly researched stuff!), also have added a mild Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM/HA/TMG/Antioxidant formula called Animal Naturals K9 Joint Strong , just to provide some of the raw materials for connective tissue regeneration, thinking it might help the herbs work better making sure all nutrients needed are there.

Well, as of today Mars is able to get on and off the couch, I walked him very slowly around last night outside for the first time since all of this occurred, he is limping a bit for sure, but I would say, we;ve seen about an 80% improvement from where he was when I spoke to you earlier in the week...I'm truly amazed, ....this is quite amazing, I was seriously for the first time thinking we might have hit the end, but there is just too much vitality in him, most people including the vet have no idea he is 13y.o., most think he is maybe 7-8 tops, hardly any grey, always shiny and full of energy and power, I know I will never have him go through a spinal surgery, as the x-ray showed a couple things looking like herniated discs in 2 location of his spine, so Onward!! We'll make a full recovery, and this is nothing short of a miracle!! I am taking it slow with him, massaging him, and just now starting to get him up and out on his feet as therapy, he even wanted to climb the first set of stairs we have to walk up, so I let him do it very slowly, and he made it! A little wobbly but, from where we where a little less then a week ago, again, this is amazing!

Thank you again so much for your help, these herbs, are the center piece of his recovery, they work with uncanny efficacy, and are indispensable to bring the balance of forces back into alignment, and if anyone has a severe case like ours, where the pet is unable to walk and has the Wei's syndrome etc...I think adding the Procaine formula is a great adjunct, much research there to back that up, the herbs and Vital Pet + have created a one two punch, like nobodies business....Thank you!!

I will be in touch, to update again, my final goal to send a pic of my remodeled Mars! :))


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