Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love Hound Honey Cough Syrups!

This is Nola and the herbs have helped her coughing. Here is what Nola's mom says:

I need the Hound Honey ( Phlegm-Heat ) for my Dog's has an enlarged heart with a collapsed trachea. I tried your suggestions and have had good results, I just need another bottle of the Hound Honey ( Phlegh-Heat ). Thank you for such great products.

 Nola is using the Phlegm Heat formulas. We have all kinds of formulas for dogs coughing due to lung and heart issues. Our herbalist can help you by recommending products. Chinese herbal  medicine does not have one product for a condition. We can have twenty different formulas for a dog that coughs. We pick them based on a group of symptoms...that include, heat, cold, excess, deficiency...a completely different language than what we are accustomed to hearing. Not to worry however, we do the work for you.

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Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

We offer our customers a $10 coupon for responding to our request for product experiences. It's our thanks to them for taking the time to do the work of writing the e mail and sending the picture. They use the coupon on their following order.

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