Friday, April 13, 2012

Microfilaria gone in 45 days !! Heartworm in Sasha from Michigan - go baby go!!

I have been giving Sasha her medicine faithfully and have had an exam on the 45th day - no micro-worms showed in the test...she still has an appetite and is active... non-symptomatic. Should she still be given the dosage of 3/4 teaspoon 2 times daily for the said 16 weeks? --------------------

Patty B (Michigan)
This case was using our Heartworm Support. Although this is AWESOME news for Sasha and her family, please note this is not always the case. From our experience in treating this disease since 2008 it usually means that the initial "load" was probably low, so we were able to kill them faster. Our results have shown that a higher "load" can take a longer time (4 to 6 months in some cases) to kill the baby Heartworms and the testing mechanisms are not that accurate so this is not an exact science. But on the positive side this is NOT a drug, narcotic, steroid, chemical or arsenic based product. This is all plant based herbs and does not cause the animal to experience the CHF type side effects of arsenic based products. (we advised her to continue at same dosage for another 45 days and then to drop the dosage in half after that)
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