Friday, July 20, 2012

Hind Leg Weakness and Dissolve formula working!

Blessings, and thanks for calling me back that day. I had a few questions, first if you have on your records which heart formula I ordered for Reika? I have several bottles of heart Tonic and Heart Tonic HM! Her holistic vet thought it was the closest to what he had her on but now he has moved and I never noted her file! Does it matter much because I have been giving her both, I think! I usually mark all the bottles when I get them in but the HM ones don't have a name and the other one was for Brendon and Jafi who have passed and sadly we lost Khaji, Daisy and Babaji within days of each other!  We had heavy pollen and they had the lung scar tissue... Reika is a trooper and is also on the Lung "Babaji Formula" doing well! Wahoo!

Next is I have two Chi mixes from a breeder situation that came with yeasty skin and ears that has all clear BUT they itch without fleas or skin irritation. Would the Extinguish Fire possible help them? I also have Herbal ABX  for oral infection/heat. I just want to use some of these bottles in my stash closet before I get more for my herbal collection, LOL! 

My personal dog Pixie, is 19 with major gum infection with few teeth. Last dental was 7 months ago and I have had her on Extinguish Fire and herbal Abx in her raw food till she stopped eating it, then I put it in capsules and that worked a few times. Then tried syringing it with water in her mouth and now she is fighting the liquid! I was also adding her liver and kidney formulas occasionally but it's so much! Any suggestions, like a ready made tonic maybe so it won't be so grainy?

Report, the Imperial Flex Phlegm formula totally helped my new 13 year old Min-Pin, Rishi, in just a week and a half! He was super wobbly, sometimes collapsed now walks without stops or falls! Also your new web format is FAB sharing the multiple symptoms that can all be associated from one source and addressed with one formula! Brilliant because Rishi's fatty tumors are melting away! YES! The biggest one tumor is slower in clearing but the small ones have noticeably changed size and texture!  

My Khaji Divine video 

Thanks so much! ~Stacy

Your Rescue Efforts Are Appreciated
Brendon Glambert's Puppy Mill Awareness 

The Empirical Heart CHF you have is to help:move blood, drain liquid, buildup and strengthen the heart

The Heart (HM) is to help with excess phlegm which causes the cough, cholesterol buildup, overweight dog

The Extinguish the Fire would be for a situation where there is excess thirst, bleeding gums, red eyes, excess hunger, bad breath - signs of heat.

To address the problem of Pixie not taking  the formula. Try mixing with warm chicken broth (or tuna juice) but it has to be warm or hot so that the granules/powder will 'melt' in the transporting liquid.

Of course not all of these symptoms will occur at the same time - you would be looking for one or two of them. Please let me know if I've left anything out.

Thank you for your continued support!


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