Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on Benjy, our 4 year old male, neutered Miniature Poodle:

He first started having bladder stone blockages in early July 2012 and had a 
surgery to remove large bladder stones.  He had off and on problems despite 
change in diet to Hills Prescription S/D and very limited treats of any kind.  By 
November he was being catheterized every Friday ($60!!)  to open his urethra 
of sandy clogs of dissolved stones.  We were desperate!!

We received the Urinary Free the Flow-Damp Heat on Saturday, December 8th
 [after catheterization the previous day] and started him on the dose recommend
-ed, 1/2 tsp 2X a day.  We served him the Hills S/D smooshed up with the herbs
 and added some very thin chicken broth twice a day.  It smelled like a curry 
and he LOVED IT!!

It has now been over 4 weeks and he has been peeing a full stream ever since
the day he started the herbal product!!  Now I have just slightly decreased his
 intake of the herbals to a less than full measuring spoon for the past week and 
he is still doing very well.  He is a very happy boy!!  He is also able to hold his
 urine for longer periods of time, sometimes several hours, so he is having 
better control of his bladder with less dripping and excitement urination.

This product has actually saved my furbaby's life!!!  We are so thankful to you 
and your company!!  Our vet is aware that we are using this product and we are 
updating her as well.  We will continue to feed the Hills Prescription Diet for now
 with moistened dried cranberries and other fruits and veggies as treats and 
maybe later start adding a bit of meat to his food gradually if all is well.

Loretta Killian
Deron Startzel
and Benjy the Poodle

Easton, Pennsylvania

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