Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ambers Hind Legs Better..A Happy Senior

Amber is an 11yr old greyhound/lab. Approximately a year ago her hind legs started to shake/tremble with associated weakness. I had tried a few things suggested by Vets but nothing seemed to be working so I came across this site and decided after answering the questionnaire that I would try the Hind Leg Weakness formula. That was 4 months ago and to date I have noticed an improvement with her back legs. Yes there is still a small tremble when she is standing but its much less than it was. She is a very happy senior!

Thanks to Elaine for sending in this update on Amber....I am going to suggest to her that we add a yang tonic to her herbal regime...

Hip/Joint Deer Antler Yang Support
I love this product...Antler is used as a Chinese herb for tonfying Yang...Yang is outward movment...

I just love these ingredients:

Deer Sinew
Deer Antler Velvet
Green Lipid Muscle

These are all natural substances for Chondroitin Sulphate and Glucosamine and essiental components of connective tissues.
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jollie said...

Ihave a german shepherd who is 10 yrs, old she has hip dysplasia she started bleeding through her nose on one side of her nostril itis also swollen making it hard for her to breathe can dr took xray but it came back inconclusive her white blood cells came back high at 50.

Unknown said...

Hi that the vet has ruled out anything too serious, I can tell you we can do a formula that works on nasal type polyps and works great...

Please call us...find our contact info on the header at