Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Niki Gets Coughing Help With Pawhealer Herbs For Dogs!

Thanks to Alexandra D. for sharing Niki's story.

My Shih tzu (Niki) has lots of health issues and when she starts coughing I give her Tummy Qi and Hound Honey (she loves)! Niki has a very sensitive stomach and throws up most herbs. She doesn't seem to be bothered by any of the Paw Healers herbs as of yet and Niki surprisingly likes the taste too! It helps suppress her coughing and no side affects! I'm going to be purchasing more products. The people are so nice and willing to help. I feel like they really care. You just don't get that anywhere anymore. So I'm a pretty happy customer! Thank you Paw Healers!

Tummy Qi.....Here is the link for the liquid herbal formula to help dogs that have lots of digestive problems and a cough. Basically, it helps to transform the phlegm...believe it not, digestion problems create system phlegm...
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